Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the first JRPG exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and many were anticipating the release of this game including myself. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with this game and this game left a very sour taste in my mouth. If you’re a hardcore JRPG fan, then I’m sure this will be up your alley, but honestly, I just thought the entire game was a massive slog. 

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Graphically this game is pretty cheap. The game doesn’t look great in docked mode, and it’s especially rough in handheld mode. The graphics were really blurry when I was playing in handheld mode. I recommend you stick to the docked mode when playing this game. 

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The art style in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is pretty lousy. I’m not an anime hater. In fact, I’ve watched a significant amount of anime throughout the years. I’m not one to hate an “anime” art style, but I really do have to call out the art style in this game. It’s generic and cliche. Those are the best words to describe the art style. Rex’s design is so generic, cliche and boring you’d think Sorey from Tales of Zesteria has a godly design. I’m not saying they have to have the best artist’s in the world, but I was just expecting the art style to be a little bit more “appealing.” 

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The Voice acting will make your ears bleed. It’s an abomination. Never ever have I had to play a game in Japanese because of voice acting. Never. I’m usually able to withstand poor voice acting in JRPG’s, but I just couldn’t stand the voice acting in this game. I just felt like throwing my controller at the TV every time Rex said a single word. Absolutely horrendous the voice acting is, and I’m disappointed in Nintendo because of this. 

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The cutscenes were also abysmal in this game but mostly because the English dub completely ruins them. Voices were a little bit out of place. 

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I honestly did not like any of the characters in this game. The character in this game were very bland and dull. Rex is one of the most boring main characters in a while. Pyra isn’t much better. The writing just wasn’t great. The story just wasn’t exciting or attention-grabbing. Boss battles did heat up the moment, but that was only for a bit. 

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The combat system in this game was mediocre and overcomplicating, and it was also very tedious and annoying. The other characters were pretty much useless in battle. I also really hated the way the gameplay was so slow. The lack of a proper tutorial in this game was also absurd. The gameplay was very messy and hard to follow and overall it wasn’t very enjoyable at all. 

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I didn’t really like anything about this game. The music was great though. I’ll give it that. I really did like the battle theme in this game. I’m very disappointed with this game overall. 







Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a dull game with a tedious combat system. One of the most disappointing Nintendo Switch games to date. 




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