Microtransactions are here to stay

And it’s the truth. Microtransactions are here to stay and they wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m not happy about them but I’ve just come to accept them as part of the norm. It’s really disappointing things have ended up like this but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. People continue to buy microtransactions and they make companies a hell of a lot of money. Why would companies like EA stop with microtransactions if it’s making them a ton of money? It doesn’t make any sense. If I was selling a game that had microtransactions and the microtransactions kept selling then, of course, I’ll continue adding microtransactions to all my games. If it’s making me money then why should I care? In end, all companies want to make money and microtransactions are making them money. Why should they stop? People are angry with the whole Darth Vader thing in Star Wars but the truth is people are STILL going to buy him. A lot even. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 had the whole internet in flames after the whole microtransactions debacle but truth be told is the game will still sell. We already saw this with Shadow of War and NBA 2K18 this year. People were angry with the microtransactions in both these game. People trolled the user score on Metacritic for both these games as well. NBA 2K18 with a 1.7 user score and Shadow of War with a 3.6 user score. But guess what. In the end, both these games still ended up selling very well. In fact, according to NPD    microtransactions did nothing to effect Shadow of War’s sales.

NBA 2K18.jpg

The only way to get rid of microtransactions is to stop buying them. But come on. You and I both know that will never happen. People will continue to buy and support microtransactions in games. We all know this. The gaming community doesn’t even make up most of the sales for games anyways. People outside the gaming community will keep buying microtransactions. And also we can’t force people not to buy them. In end, the decision is between a person and their wallet and if they want to buy microtransactions in games then there is no one and I mean no one stopping them. 

And because of this microtransactions are going to continue being in most if not all games so it’s time we got used to them because we all know they aren’t going anywhere. It’s not like I’m happy about this but like I said I’ve adapted and me ranting on the internet or trash talking companies isn’t going to do anything about microtransactions. That being said I’m very happy other game critics have started to use microtransactions as a con. It’s about time actually. That BattleFront II comment may be the most disliked Reddit comment in history. But the truth is the game will still sell. It’s Star Wars. Of course, it will sell. 


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  1. mythang says:

    We just stopped EA’s Microtransactions by far the biggest publisher. I do not give in to what a executive says are an article. Most people forget while reading that 85% of ALL ARTICLES are PAID FOR and passed off as neutral legit articles.

    This happens when you vote loudly, and with money votes (not buying product).
    No matter the few sellouts that defend this kind of crap and buy it we will always win.

    Some will say “it is going to happen so except it” as long as you don’t let your mind become defeated like theirs we will win. “It will happen, Except it” came from the executives.

    We stopped it at with Star wars the biggest IP on the PLANET from the largest publisher on the planet!

    Same thing happened with Microsoft’s reveal. We won! They backed off too.


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