Sonic Forces Review

Sonic Forces…is actually a good game. I know you think I’m crazy but hear me out. The trailer and demo didn’t do any justice for this game. I also thought the game looked pretty bad because of the trailers but after I actually sat down and played the game for a good amount of hours I was convinced. This game is far from a bad game. Is it as good as Sonic Mania or Super Mario Odyssey? No. Is it better than any 3D Sonic game since generations? Yes. This game is much better than Boom, Lost World and Fire & Ice in my opinion and If you liked Colors and Generations then I recommend the purchase. 

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Graphically this game looks fantastic. The character models and the environments are beautifully designed. Sonic Forces is one of the best looking platformers in my opinion. The music in Sonic Forces is also pleasant. Fist Bump is a great track and a good main theme. That being said the one track I wasn’t fond of was the new Green Hill Zone track for both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. I very disappointed with the track and would have preferred if they used the original Green Hill Zone track.

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The cutscenes in this game were well made and I was very impressed with them. Now let’s talk about level design. I actually liked most of the stages in this game. Some of them weren’t good at all like Spaceport. Overall level design is subjective. Some might like the level design in this game while some might not like it. I personally thought most of the stages in this game were fine. I enjoyed a lot of them and I thought most of them were fun to play through. 

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In Sonic Forces you can play with 3 different characters. Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar. I guess Shadow counts too since you can play as him in Episode Shadow. I enjoyed playing with Classic and Modern Sonic. I didn’t really like playing with the Custom Hero in this game. Sure it was fun designing the hero to my likings but it just wasn’t very fun to play with the Custom Hero. His weapons were a bit too gimmicky in my opinion. 

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The story in this game was fair. It wasn’t downright atrocious but it wasn’t exactly “good” either. Please don’t go into this game expecting a great story. The story is portrayed as something “dark” but it really isn’t in my opinion. Infinite was a dreadful character and I wouldn’t mind if Sega completely abandoned him. His backstory was also atrocious. 

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The boss fights in this game were engaging. There is a difficulty spike in this game which isn’t a problem for me. Some of them were extremely easy while some of them were pretty tough. 

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This game isn’t long at all, to be honest. Then again when has a Sonic game been long? Sega made the right decision to price this game at $40. It’s an attractive price for this type of game and it definitely shouldn’t be higher than $40 with the amount of content this game has to offer. 

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Overall I liked this game. It’s fun for the most part, the music and graphics are nice and it’s better than the past 3D Sonic games in recent years. I’m actually going to recommend this game. It’s a good game for it’s price. It’s not the perfect Sonic game and it’s clear Sega is still confused on what to do with this Blue Hedgehog but for what’s it’s worth I thought they at least “tried” with this game. I’m still waiting for the perfect 3D Sonic game and hopefully, it will come out soon or never. Who knows. 






It’s clear Sega doesn’t really know what to do with Sonic but they’re getting there. Sonic Forces is surprisingly a good game. The price is attractive and the gameplay is fun for the most part. 


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