Cuphead Review

*Videos used in this review are not mine*

The wait has finally ended. Cuphead was first announced in 2013 and now 4 years later the game has finally arrived. Cuphead is a unique and lively game and has fully exceeded my expectations. The game is fun, tough and has a gorgeous art style. The art style in Cuphead is just fantastic. If you’re familiar with old 30s cartoons then you’ll feel right at home when playing Cuphead as the game tries to recreate the magic of the old 30s cartoons. The game is silly and filled with humor and Cuphead is full delightfulness and joy. 

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The thing I love about Cuphead is it tries to be different and unique. Cuphead is the most creative game I’ve played in years and if you’re looking for a game with a gorgeous design then get this game. I found myself stopping multiple times and staring at the screen in awe because of wonderful and colorful art style. 

The music in Cuphead is marvelous and is just as good as the art style. The opening theme is just awesome (Don’t Deal with the Devil). They really nailed the opening theme in this game. The entire soundtrack in this game is just excellent and I was very impressed with all the tracks in this game. The tracks just worked in this game and really fitted the whole theme of the game. 

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The gameplay in Cuphead is very good. That being said it’s definitely not perfect. The game can get a bit repetitive in my opinion but overall the gameplay in Cuphead is very good. If you’re playing this game primarily for the gameplay mechanics then you may be a bit disappointed as it is a bit basic.That being said this game is really difficult. And I’m not lying when I say that as I had to do the first level over 10 times.  Don’t judge Cuphead’s difficulty based on the art style because if you then you better be prepared for absolute hell as this game shows absolutely no mercy. Cuphead is definitely the hardest game I’ve played since Dark Souls 3. 

The gameplay mechanics are a bit basic. In Cuphead you start off with 3 lives. Once you lose all 3 you die. You’re able to shoot horizontally or vertically or diagonally and once in a while you’re able to perform a powerful EX Shot. 

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Overall Cuphead is a great game. It’s fun, difficult and full of entertaining moments. Cuphead is truly a magical game and is the best Xbox console exclusive game released all year. 




Cuphead is a great game with fantastic visuals and has a marvelous soundtrack. A fresh and unique game recommended to everyone. 


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