Sonic Mania Review



Sonic Mania is the Sonic game we have all been waiting for. Sonic has been through a rough, dark time but it looks like the blue hedgehog is back with Tails and Knuckles in this exceptional throwback to the old  Genesis and Mega Drive games. First of all, can I just say the visuals and the art style in Sonic Mania are outstanding and the 2D sprites are gorgeous. Sonic Mania has a nice mix of old and new zones that being said the old zones have been remastered.

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There are twelve zones in this game and each zone has two acts. Every time you finish an act you will take part in a boss battle. There is a mini boss fight and there is a big boss fight. The boss battles aren’t very hard and are pretty easy to get through. My personal favorite boss in this game is the second Doctor Robotnik boss in the chemical plant. To beat this boss you had to use the power of Tetris. If you’ve played and enjoyed Doctor Robotnik Mean Bean Machine then you’ll definitely enjoy this boss fight.

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The gameplay in Sonic Mania is excellent and the 60FPS definitely makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Some of the stages can be tough to get through but that adds to the fun in my opinion. In this game, you play as 2 characters. Tails and Sonic. Tails can help you to get through stages with his propeller. Knuckles is also a playable character in this game. 

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Even though Sonic has been through a hard time for the last decade the music in Sonic games have always been consistently good and Sonic Mania is no different. The music in Sonic Mania is wonderful and my personal favorite track is the track that is played in Studiopolis. 

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You can tell a significant amount of heart, love, and effort was put into this game. The opening animation is cheerful and overall lovely. The physics are also great in this game.

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There are other modes in this game like competitive and time trials. Hunting for Chaos Emeralds can be fun and the bonus stages are pretty good too. Sonic Mania is everything I wanted in a Sonic game. The music, the gameplay, the level design there all fantastic. Sonic Mania is short but sweet and overall a beautifully crafted game. This game is definitely a Game Of The Year contender in my opinion. If you haven’t played Sonic Mania yet then I wholeheartedly recommend you do. This is a game that definitely deserves a sequel.





Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game in over a decade and is one of the best Sonic games of all time. 


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