Valkyria Revolution Review

Valkyria Revolution is a game I had high hopes for but unfortunately this game was a massive disappointment. Valkyria Chronicles remastered was an excellent game. The only question I have to ask is what went wrong? Almost everything about this game is mediocre or poor. Valkyria was an excellent franchise but honestly, I think this may be the end for it. 

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Graphically this game is awful. The textures were weak and the character designs weren’t great either. Personally, I thought the graphics and art style could have been a lot better. Valkyria Revolution is not a pretty game at all. The only pleasant thing about this game was the soundtrack in my opinion. The soundtrack was splendid and they did an excellent job with it. Unfortunately, the soundtrack alone can not cover up the other flaws this game has. 

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The characters were disappointing. Most of them were dull and uninteresting. The main character was mediocre at best. There was nothing great about him. The story in Valkyria Revolution was interesting at first but as I continued to play this game I ended up not caring about the story at all. That being said the story wasn’t bad. It just didn’t hook me completely. Then again that’s just me. Others could have found the story to be very interesting. I just thought the story in Valkyria Chronicles was much more interesting

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The biggest flaw this game has is the gameplay. What did Sega do to it? They completely ruined the combat system in this game and they completely got rid of the tactical combat system. Valkyria Chronicles was perfect with a tactical combat system so I have no idea why Sega decided to remove it. The most frustrating thing is they didn’t even do a good job with this new combat “ARPG” combat system. In the original Valkyria Chronicles, a strategy was vital but now in this, you can get through most opponents very easily. The combat system is extremely repetitive and lackluster and it lacks originality. Overall the combat system was an average, repetitive mess and I’m disappointed Sega changed the tactical combat system in favor of an ARPG combat system. There just wasn’t enough depth in the combat system. 

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The dialogue was a drag most of the time and the cutscenes were sometimes irritating. Overall Valkyria Revolution is a poor RPG and I’m actually happy Sega decided not to put “Chronicles” in the title. This game is a huge disappointment and I don’t recommend anyone gets it. 





Valkyria Revolution is a huge disappointment. The combat system is bland and repetitive and the characters are dull and uninteresting. 


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  1. I would rather they localize VC3 rather than release a new game that doesn’t play like the old titles.


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