World’s That Shouldn’t Be In Kingdom Hearts 3

* Disclaimer – This is an opinion piece. Remember that this is my opinion and everyone else can have different opinions*

4. Agrabah

Agrabah, in my opinion, is the worst Kingdom Hearts world. Why? Well, almost everything about Agrabah is tedious. The world design is atrocious and the world is extremely confusing especially in Kingdom Hearts 1. I remember always getting lost in that world and I never knew where to go next. They did make the world less confusing in Kingdom Hearts 2 but it still didn’t make this world more enjoyable. Agrabah has unforgettable boss fights and overall we have been to Agrabah too many times. We already have Olympus for the 100th time so I think it’s time for Square to let go of Agrabah. For Good.

Image result for agrabah kingdom hearts 2

3. Traverse Town

Traverse Town is a fan favorite and I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this. I was relieved when Traverse Town was replaced with Twilight Town (A much better world in my opinion) In Kingdom Hearts 2. Then it came back again in Kingdom Hearts DDD. Twilight Town has already been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3 so I see no reason why Traverse Town needs to be in this game. Traverse Town is a tedious and confusing world in my opinion and personally, I hope it doesn’t back ever again (which is incredibly unlikely).

Image result for traverse town 1920x1080

2. Atlantica

Another awful world. One of the worst worlds along with Agrabah and Deep Jungle In my opinion. And no this world wasn’t ruined in Kingdom Hearts 2. This world has been terrible from the very beginning. The controls in this world in the first Kingdom Hearts game was unbelievably bad. The world was extremely confusing with too many different areas and Ursula was a complete nightmare. The Kingdom Hearts 2 version of Atlantica just made this already awful world even worse. Never again do I want musical worlds in Kingdom Hearts. When they do add Frozen (we all know it’s coming) I hope they do not make it a musical.

Image result for atlantica kingdom hearts 2 1920x1080

1. Anything Marvel 

Don’t get me wrong. I love Marvel. I love Spiderman and Iron Man is my favorite hero but let’s be real. This world wouldn’t work in a Kingdom Hearts game. It just wouldn’t. Star Wars, on the other hand, would be a good addition to Kingdom Hearts 3. Space Paranoids is an awesome world In Kingdom Hearts and I can imagine a Star Wars world being very similar to it. I just don’t think a Marvel world would be good. I just have this feeling if they did add a Marvel world it would end up being terrible like Port Royal. That being said It would be very interesting to see what Square does if they did add a Marvel world since they did such an excellent job with the Toy Story world. And besides, we already have Big Hero 6. 

Image result for spiderman ps4 1920x1080





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