Crash Bandicoot n Sane Trilogy Review

Crash Bandicoot is back with an insane collection. This new collection includes a remake of 3 of the most beloved video games of all time. These games are made from the ground up with modern graphics for the PS4. Vicarious Visions did an excellent job with this remake. They really did put in a lot of effort into this collection and I hope they do the same with Crash Team Racing and Spyro The Dragon. The graphics in this collection are gorgeous. Each game is modernized for the PS4. The level designs are also fantastic. One thing I liked about this collection is Vicarious Visions stayed very true to the originals.  

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Crash n Sane Trilogy offers an excellent amount of content. This trilogy comes with 3 full games. And the good thing is this collection is only $40 so it is a great value for money and the price makes this game very affordable. There are also a lot more characters to play as. For example, CoCo (Crash Sister) is now playable in all three games and she is a fun addition to the games. The gameplay in Crash is very simple and straightforward but at the same time extremely enjoyable and it offers some good old platforming fun. Sometimes I felt Vicarious Visions stayed TOO true to the originals. For example the controls. The controls in this game have not aged well at all. And I felt that was something they could have improved on in this collection. Newcomers to crash may find the controls incredibly annoying. 

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Crash can be incredibly frustrating and believe it or not, these games are actually quite tough. I myself found these games to be quite a challenge but at the same time, this challenge made the games even more enjoyable in my opinion. 

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If you’re a trophy hunter then you’ll be delighted with a number of trophies in this collection. Crash n Sane Trilogy comes with 3 platinum trophies so trophy hunters rejoice. 

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Overall I truly enjoyed this collection. Its an excellent collection with 3 full fledged games and has a lot of replay value. I can definitely see Activision/ Vicarious Visions making more Crash games and hopefully we get Spyro and Crash Team Racing or even Crash Bandicoot 4 in the future. I recommend this collection to everyone who has a PS4 and to everyone who is looking for an extremely fun, but a tough set of games. 



An excellent collection of three classic games recommended to everyone who has a PS4. 


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