My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 10 Review

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I haven’t reviewed anime in a long time but this episode especially deserves a review. The episode we’ve all been waiting for, the highlight of the season. Shoto vs Deku (Izuku). An excellent episode indeed.

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In this episode, we get to learn about Shoto’s past. He had a very dark past and a lot of things happened to him. Basically, his father Endeavour is a terrible person with an awful heart and that is why Shoto only fights using his Ice. During the fight you could tell Izuku wanted to win, he wanted to beat Shoto but at the same time, he wanted to get him to see his true self. Izuku was the real hero during this fight

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During the fight, Izuku couldn’t do anything about Shoto’s Ice. It was incredibly powerful and fast. Izuku had to break every bone in his fingers just to completely destroy the Ice. The pain Izuku felt was realistic, every time he felt the pain I felt that pain too. Izuku was so desperate to win he even used his cheeks to destroy the ice aka “The Absolute Madman” according to fans. I remember reading this chapter in the manga and damn was it fantastic. I couldn’t wait for this fight to get animated so this is a dream come true for me. 

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Izuku pretty much knew he was going to loose but he didn’t want to loose to Shoto when he was only using half of his strength, he wanted Shoto to go all out, he wanted to loose knowing his opponent used all their strength. Near the end, Shoto activated his fireside and eventually, an explosion was created when these 2 powerful Heroes clashed. 

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The animation was glorious and the music was fantastic. I knew stuff was about to get real when “you say run” started to play. Bones are doing an excellent job with this anime adaption. This episode was shonen at it’s best and I highly doubt any other anime episode this year will surpass this one. 

You can watch it here – Crunchyroll


An incredible episode with glorious animation. This is Shōnen at its best.


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