Sony E3 2017 Predictions

1. The Last of Us II

The Last of Us II is a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us and was first revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016 and it was a big shock. I have a feeling this game will be at E3. This game will probably be the very first game shown. This game alone would make Sony’s 2017 E3 one to remember. 

Image result for the last of us 2 1920x1080

2. Days Gone

Day’s Gone has already been confirmed to appear at E3 this year but in a “big” way. There will definitely be a lot of information about this game at E3 and the game looks very interesting too. If done right this could be Sony’s next big system seller. I have a feeling this game will release near the end of this year

Image result for days gone 1920x1080

3. Spiderman PS4 

First revealed at E3 2016 and Insomniac is making it. Ratchet and Clank PS4 was our GOTY of 2016 so Insomniac making this game is a good thing. This game should be at E3 but I’m not expecting a release date. Maybe another teaser trailer. I really don’t think this game is coming until 2018. 

Image result for spiderman ps4 1920x1080

4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted 4 was an excellent game and it’s definitely a game that will be remembered for years to come. Lost Legacy is basically a standalone DLC featuring Nadine and fan favorite character Chloe. A release date has already been confirmed for this game. Lost Legacy will arrive on August 22nd of this year. We’ll definitely see some more gameplay of this game at E3 this year.

 Image result for uncharted lost legacy 1920x1080

5. Kingdom Hearts 3

I would be surprised if this game wasn’t at E3 this year considering Square Enix didn’t show any Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay last year. It’s been over a year since we’ve gotten any real information about this game and it would be a massive let down if this game wasn’t at E3. I don’t expect them to announce a release date. This game probably won’t come until 2018 or even 2019. 

Image result for Kingdom Hearts 3 1920x1080

6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake surprised everyone in 2015 and was the biggest reveal but since then we’ve got next to no news. I’m convinced this game will never come out (sarcasm). I have a feeling this game will be at E3. If Square Enix shows some Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 gameplay they’ll steal the show. 

Image result for final fantasy 7 1920x1080 remake

7. New Suckerpunch Game??

It has been rumored Sucker Punch is working on a new game but what could it be? Infamous? I doubt it will Infamous that being said a new infamous game wouldn’t be bad but I just don’t think their working on a new Infamous at the moment. Maybe a Sly and Cooper game? We’ll have to wait until then. 

Image result for sly and cooper ps4

8. Detroit 

David Cage games are quite good even though Beyond 2 Souls was atrocious in my opinion. We have gotten a bit information about this game. This game should be at E3 that being said I would be surprised if it came out this year. I’m expecting a 2018 release for this one. Or maybe they can pull an Until Dawn and release it in August?

Image result for detroit become human 1920x1080

9. Crash N Sane Trilogy. 

This game will definitely be at E3. We have already gotten a huge amount of info about this game but I still think this game will be at E3. Crash N Sane Trilogy is out June 30th. 

Image result for crash n sane trilogy

10. God of War 

Will definitely be at E3. God of War was revealed last year at E3 and it shocked everyone. We’ll definitely get lots of new information about this game and I can expect 10+ minutes gameplay for this game too. As for a release date, I expect this game to come out at the end of this year or early 2018. 

Image result for god of war ps4 1920x1080

11. Playstation All Stars 2

Playstation All Stars was an atrocious game and I’m saying the truth but if there bringing back Knack (which was also an atrocious game) then I see no reason why they can’t bring this game back. I doubt this game will be shown at E3 but it would be a nice surprise if it was. 

Image result for playstation all stars 1920x1080

12. Dragon Quest X 

Dragon Quest X is coming out in July of this year…In Japan. I don’t think this game will be at E3 but it would be a nice surprise if Square Enix announced a release date for this game. Maybe end of this year? See how a lot of games on this list are by Square Enix? Like I said if they actually give us some new information about these games they could steal the show. 

Image result for dragon quest x ps4 1920x1080

13. Bloodborne 2 

Bloodborne was a great game a little bit too difficult at times but still enjoyable. This game has been heavily rumored to appear at E3 this year. I expect this game to end the show with many people clapping and leaving the show with joy. 

Image result for bloodborne 1920x1080

14. PS Vita 2?

This definitely will not happen after the PS Vita but considering the Switch is selling like hotcakes at the moment if Sony made a PS Vita 2 and make it right and get rid of the Vita exclusive sd cards it could be a real success. 

Image result for ps vita 1920x1080


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  1. I loved Bloodborne so a sequel would be nice. A Vita 2 is unlikely due to sales, which is a shame because my Sony handheld still gets a lot of use.


    1. Yeah I really liked the Vita too its a shame Sony abandoned it. It was a great machine

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