Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Review

Minecraft is back for the 100th time but this time for the Nintendo Switch but the thing with Minecraft is it never gets old and this game is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch family. Minecraft is an incredibly fun game and is very addictive and it allows you to use your imagination to the fullest. Minecraft still remains the best sandbox game to date. 

The art style in Minecraft is excellent and changing your characters skins can be fun. One thing Minecraft really excels in is the music. The music in Minecraft is outstanding. I even have the whole soundtrack downloaded onto my phone. That’s how good the music is. The music in Minecraft is nice and soothing. 

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In Minecraft, there are 2  main modes. Creative and Survival. In creative mode, you can do anything you want without worrying of a creeper destroying your work. Basically, the creative mode is the imagination mode. In this mode you let your imagination run wild. Then there’s survival mode (my favorite mode). In this mode, you survive each day by hunting food, taming a wolf, building a house and of course killing creepers (not recommended). 

Image result for minecraft nintendo switch 1920x1080 screenshots

The Nintendo Switch Edition comes with some new content. The Switch edition comes with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack. This mash-up pack is exclusive to the Switch edition so you can’t find this pack on the PS4 or Xbox One version. 

Image result for minecraft nintendo switch 1920x1080 screenshots

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is by far the best portable version of Minecraft and is even better than the PS Vita version and Pocket Edition. You can play Minecraft on the big screen with some friends or you can bring it around if you’re going somewhere or in a hurry. 

Overall Minecraft Switch Edition is a very good game and is recommended to everyone who has a Switch even if they have already played Minecraft before. It’s just that good. The only problem I have with this Edition is the lack of Mods. The best version of Minecraft is on the PC!





Minecraft is an addictive game. The Switch Edition is great. That being said the lack of mods is disappointing. 


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