Akiba’s Beat Review

100 Steps Backwards…

Akiba’s Beat is a poorly made JRPG and is a massive downgrade compared to Akiba’s Great Trip released a while back (Akiba’s Trip wasn’t great either but much better than this mess). Graphically Akiba’s Beat isn’t great. The visuals in this game are very outdated and it can look really bad on the big screen. The visuals have downgraded in this game and it pretty clear Akiba’s Great Trip released a while back has much better visuals then this game. 

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Akiba Beat takes place in Akihabara just like the original. But this time the crew gets stuck in a world of delusions and are trapped repeating Sunday over and over again. There is a very little exploration in Akiba’s Beat. There is a very little sense of exploration since most of the shops in Akihabara are closed. The cast in Akiba’s Beat is lackluster. The characters are grating and they keep on going on and on, the characters aren’t interesting at all, not a single character in this game is interesting to the point I didn’t really care about any of them. 

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The voice acting in Akiba’s Beat isn’t great compared to modern JRPG’s. The music is decent but far from excellent. Akiba’s Beat doesn’t excel in any category. The characters are annoying and the visuals are outdated, Akihabara is also bland. This game doesn’t even use a fraction of the PS4’s power. It would have made more sense if Akiba’s Trip was the sequel (because it plays much better than this game) and this game was the prequel but that’s not how it is. Akiba’s Beat takes so many steps back it’s almost impossible to like the game.

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The loading times in this game are also quite long. Now let’s talk about the battle system. I can sum up the battle system with one word – Tedious. Yes, tedious. The battle system in Akiba’s beat is uninspiring. Characters can perform different combos and skills using SP. When a character’s HP reaches 0 they can no longer fight. You can use SP to perform different skills. There is also an Imagine Mode. When triggered you can constantly perform actions without wasting AP. The battle system is borderline mediocre compared to other 2017 JRPG battle systems like Tales of Berseria. The battle system just falls flat. Dungeons are also poorly crafted and are just not fun. 

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I honestly see no future for this franchise. This game is a step back in every way. Akiba’s Beat is one of the worst JRPG’s in a while. 




Akiba’s Beat is a poor JRPG and it’s much worse than it’s predecessor. There are so much better JRPG’s out there.


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  1. Shame because I liked Akiba’s Trip’s mix of button bashing combat and humor.

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