PaRappa the Rapper Remastered Review

A Lazy Remaster

PaRappa can be charming, but unfortunately, this remaster is far from “charming”. This remaster has so many problems and issues, that’s it’s impossible for me to recommend it to anyone even if you want to relive your PaRappa childhood. The PS1 version has most of the problems this remaster has and it’s a shame they didn’t fix any of the PS1 problems. That being said, this game does look great with HD visuals. You can definitely see the improvement in graphics in this remaster. The music is delightful and wonderful and overall when it comes to sound and graphics this remaster is a winner. The game especially looks good on the PS4 Pro but gameplay wise it’s a complete loser.

The controls in this game are pretty much awful. This game is also very laggy and considering this game is a rhythm game the lagginess can be very frustrating. TThe timing is dreadful and can quickly make this game become a complete chore and frustrating. Honestly, this is the main reason why I don’t recommend this game to anyone. The poor timing makes this game near unplayable in my opinion. 

Image result for parappa the rapper 1920x1080 ps4

This remaster offers nothing new. Instead of adding a couple of new songs they completely ruin the timing. One thing I found strange about this game was the cutscenes. The graphics are great but cutscenes aren’t. You would think the cutscenes would have had a graphic boost. It can be very odd going from 4K to 480P when viewing cutscenes in this game. Overall PaRappa hasn’t aged well

Image result for parappa the rapper 1920x1080 ps4

PaRappa the Rapper is not recommend to anyone. This is a very lazy remaster. If you’re looking for a good rhythm game and have a PSVita then I recommend you check out Persona 4 Dancing All Night – Now that’s a good game. 



A very Lazy Remaster. PaRappa the Rapper hasn’t aged well and none of the original problems were fixed in this Remaster.


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