Lego Worlds Review

Lego Worlds is a very disappointing game and I was honestly expecting it to be a lot better. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this game. Lego Worlds just has too many problems and it’s impossible for me to recommend this game to anyone. Even the massive Lego fans. The Graphics in Lego Worlds are quite good. They’re not excellent, but the excellent art style in this game does help the game look a lot nicer. That being said, this game has a lot of major technical problems which really hinder the enjoyment of this game. The visuals may be nice, but the technical problems this game has really prevented this game from being something special and it’s a shame, to be honest. It’s clear the visuals were their main priority.

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In Lego Worlds, you are able to build a variety of different things. That being said this game is very limited. Honestly, if you’re looking for an open world sandbox game where you can use your creativity to the fullest then I recommend you just get Minecraft as Minecraft is better than this game in my opinion. Now let’s talk about the controls. An absolute mess. 

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Building things can be very difficult because of the awful controls. The horrendous camera and wonky controls make building an absolute nightmare. Building in this game is a chore and honestly, the controls ruin everything in my opinion. Like I said above, this game doesn’t have a lot of content and to be honest the lack of content in this game disappointing. Lego Worlds can also be very repetitive. There isn’t a survival mode in this game and to be honest it would have been fine if the normal mode had content and the controls were top notch. 

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Lego Worlds is also filled with glitches and bugs and the FPS can drop quite a lot in this game. Honestly, Lego Worlds is a massive disappointment. Lego in real life is also about building new things and using your creativity. You’d expected a Lego game based on building new things to be somewhat good. The horrendous controls, the bugs, lack of content and the glitches make this game a very hard game to recommend to anyone. There isn’t anything special about this game. If you’re looking for a “new” Minecraft then I recommend you check out Terraria or Dragon Quest Builders. Lego Worlds had a lot of potential but ended up as a disappointing game in my opinion





Lego Worlds is a very disappointing game. Lego Worlds has too many technical problems and is not recommended to anyone. 



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