1-2- Switch Review

Don’t get me wrong the Nintendo Switch is a great console but, some of the launch games are questionable. For example this game. A game that should have been bundled with the system. 1-2 Switch is the “Wii Sports” of the Nintendo Switch. The only difference between Wii Sports and 1-2 Switch is Wii Sport was included in every Nintendo Wii back in 2006 1-2 Switch isn’t. Anyways, let’s get into the review. But before I get into the review I have to say one thing. 1-2 Switch is an awful game. It sounds harsh, but I’m saying the truth. This game is shovelware at its finest. 

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First of all, if you don’t have any gamer friends, then please don’t even bother with this game. This game isn’t very fun with friends so imagine playing alone. This game is the weakest Nintendo “party” game in my opinion. Heck Wii Sports and Wii Play were incredibly fun, especially WII Sports. 1-2 Switch is really a “taster” game and that why it should have came with the Nintendo Switch. 1-2 Switch is supposed to be “everyone’s” first Switch game. It’s supposed to give us a feel of the Nintendo Switch. It’s supposed to give us a “feel” of the Joy-cons HD rumble. And to be honest, it’s disappointing you have to pay for a “taster”.  I know I’m being too harsh but this game releasing standalone and not bundled with the console really doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. 

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1-2 Switch also offers very little in terms of content and the gameplay is extremely poor in my opinion. The selections of minigames are disappointing. 1-2 Switch isn’t addictive. It’s not fun and it won’t keep you coming back. The mini-games in this game are extremely boring. They don’t keep you attached. 1-2 Switch is a game you’ll play once and never play again. The live action video demonstrations will make you cringe. And when I mean cringe, I mean it will make you really cringe. 

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Most of the minigames can be very basic and tedious. For example, the Soda Shake minigame and the 3,2,1 Wizard minigame are very tedious. Some games can also be very difficult to grasp. 

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This review might be very harsh but honestly, 1-2 Switch isn’t worth it. Either wait for the game to hit $10 or never get it. That being said if you’re looking for a “party” game to get with friends then maybe check it out?






1-2 Switch isn’t worth it. It’s not fun and offers very little content. This game should have came bundled with the Nintendo Switch. Releasing this game alone doesn’t make any sense. 


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