Gravity Rush 2 Review

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)
Developer: SIE Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony

Release Date: January 20, 2017
Platform – PS4

Today I’ll be reviewing Gravity Rush 2. 

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Gravity Rush was one of my favorite PS Vita games and I wasn’t so sure about this one. I didn’t think a sequel could top the original, but wow was I wrong. Gravity Rush 2 is a great game all round. This game shares similarities to the original, but at the same, this game is completely different compared to the original. For example, the worlds are much bigger and open in Gravity Rush 2 and there is a lot of exploring to do in this game. You can tell there is a big difference between this game and the original. 

Image result for gravity rush 2 1920x1080

The environment is beautifully designed in this game and the art style is gorgeous. Gravity Rush 2 is stunning graphic wise. This is one of the best games graphically on the PS4 this year in my opinion. The original Gravity Rush was very limited because of the PS Vita. This game is the real deal in my opinion because in this game we see Gravity Rush full potential. 

Gravity Rush 2 is also an extremely fun and addicting game. The gameplay in this game is fantastic and the combat system is even better in this game. Fighting enemies while using your gravity powers is a blast in my opinion and I really enjoyed playing this game. There are also new modes with different powers. Gravity Rush 2 takes everything from the original games and improves on it immensely. The animations in Gravity Rush 2 was brilliant and the monster designs were top notch. Gravity Rush 2 looks beautiful on the PS4 but it looks even better on a 4K screen with the PS4 Pro. 

Image result for gravity rush 2 1920x1080

Kat is also back in this game. Kat is an excellent protagonist. The characters in this game are mediocre in my opinion, most of them are poorly made. Kat and Raven are excellent characters but everyone else is mediocre in my opinion. I had high hopes for the story but it was quite average in the end. That being said the side quests were extremely fun and customizing Kat was quite fun too. The music in Gravity Rush 2 is outstanding. The music is even better than the original. Every single track in this game is gorgeous. 

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The camera could have been better in my opinion. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. Overall Gravity Rush 2 is a great game and it’s an excellent start to the new year. Definitely, recommend to everyone who has a PS4.



Gravity Rush 2 is a great game and it’s an excellent start to the new year. 




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