The most disappointing games of 2016

Now that 2016 is coming to an end it’s time for me to say my most disappointing games of 2016. (This is an opinion piece) 

1. 7 Days To Die 

7 Days to Die is a very poor game. It’s the worst game of this year in my opinion. The visuals are horrifying in this game. Graphics aren’t everything but it’s unacceptable if a game has unpleasant visuals and an unstable framerate. The controls in 7 Days To Die was shocking and the combat system was below average. 7 Days to Die had a good concept but in the end, the game was a complete mess. Should you buy it? – The answer is no.

2. Mighty no. 9

An extremely disappointing game. I was actually looking forward to this game. It was one of my most anticipated games of this year. Unfortunately, this game ended up being a complete disaster. The visuals in this game were shocking and the levels were incredibly cheap. The soundtrack was also a big disappointment. Like I said before ” Mighty No. 9 had bright ideas, but it failed to use them. Mighty No 9 is like a jigsaw missing all of its pieces. Should you buy it? – No. Review –

3. Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Another disappointing game. I wasn’t expecting this game to be a masterpiece or to be on the same level as let’s say “The Last of Us” but I definitely was not expecting this game to be incredibly bad. The visuals in this game were dreadful even for a 3DS game. The game was unappealing and the campaign was tedious. To make things worse the controls in this game were poor. Should you buy this game? – NO. Review –

Image result for metroid prime federation force 1920x1080

4. Recore

I really wanted this game to be good. I tried to love it, but I just couldn’t. When I first saw this game at E3 I was excited, but in the end, Recore left a sour taste in my mouth. The game was fun for a while, but it got too repetitive and it was filled with bugs. Recore also had many technical issues and overall it wasn’t a good game. Should you buy it? – No. Review –

Image result for Recore 1920x1080

5. Star Fox Zero

This game is by far the biggest disappointment of this year. What on earth went wrong? The visuals were downright bad and the gameplay was atrocious. The controls were a mess and it made me hate this game even more. All we wanted was a Starfox game not this mess. Should you buy it – NO 

7. Mafia 3 

A very disappointing game. It’s not the worst game of this year but it is one of the most disappointing games of this year. The visuals were disappointing and the A.I was terrible. This game also had technical issues and the gameplay was very dated. Should you buy it? – No. Review –

Image result for mafia 3 1920x1080 gameplay images

8. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The campaign in this game was very good. The best we’ve seen from Call of Duty in years,  but everything else was average. There was no major innovation and the online was extremely disappointing. It’s not a bad game but it is a disappointing game. Should you get it – Yes when the price goes down. Review –

Image result for call of duty infinite warfare 1920x1080

9. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

This game had so much potential. The visuals were excellent but everything else was average excluding the music. For example, this game was extremely short. Jrpg’s are not supposed to be short. This game also felt very rushed . The story wasn’t good either and the camera in this game was terrible. Like Final Fantasy XV the camera in this game was a mess. The battle system was also disappointing. Should you buy it? – Yes, when the game is like $10-15 Review –

10. Final Fantasy XV

I know a lot of you like Final Fantasy XV but I would be lying if I didn’t include this game on my list. This game is the most disappointing game of 2016. I had extremely high hopes for this game but In the end, the game was a massive disappointment. The characters were average. The story was also very poorly written. It’s been a long time since we got a really good main Final Fantasy game and sadly this game doesn’t break that trend. Review –

Image result for ffxv 1920x1080 screenshots



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