Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV is an okay game and it can be a quite fun, but at the same time the game can be very tedious. The graphics in Final Fantasy XV are gorgeous and the art style and character designs are fantastic in my opinion. The Other numbered Final Fantasy games are turn based so it’s nice they made this game open world. The music in this game is excellent and the cut-scenes are magnificent. The end game challenges are very satisfying and rewarding. I didn’t like the characters in Final Fantasy XV. The characters were mediocre and overall unappealing. 

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There are a number of graphical glitches in this game. The magic and summoning system was  very weak in my opinion. The reason why the summoning system was weak was because there are only 6 summons. The thing is only 4 of them are usable which is very disappointing. The magic system was also very limited. The combat system in this game is a complete mess. It’s very fun and exciting at first, but after a couple of hours, it can get very repetitive. The camera is dreadful and ruins the experience and sometimes the camera can go crazy which can be extremely annoying. I especially hate the loading times in this game as they can be quite long. 

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What I did like about this game was the impressive selection of monsters and there is a nice world to explore in this game. That being said, this game isn’t great and a lot of bad things can be said about this game. I was very surprised with the story in this game. I was expecting it to be very interesting. In the end, I was left very disappointed. The story was horribly written. The story and the characters in this game are disappointing. A poor story with mediocre characters doesn’t mix well together. The second half of this game was disappointing. The reason why the second half was disappointing was because it suddenly became very linear. 

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The game has dozens of side quests. It may seem like a good thing, but the side quests are tedious. The game was also quite easy. Overall Final Fantasy XV should have been much better. The characters and story should have been better and the combat system should have been better as well. It’s obvious they tried to make this game very different compared to any Final Fantasy game, but as a result, the characters suffered and so did the story. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XV is a mediocre game at best. This review might sound very negative but Final Fantasy XV does have some good qualities like the graphics and the music. You should wait for a price drop before you get this game in my opinion. 


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Final Fantasy XV is a very disappointing game. The story is poorly written and the characters are average. This game should have been much better. 





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