Battlefield 1 Review

This review is very late, but I’m going to review Battlefield 1. I’ve had Battlefield 1 for months now and it’s safe to say it’s a great game. I’ve really enjoyed the game and if  you love shooting games you will like Battlefield 1. The visuals in this game are fantastic. This game is the best-looking shooting game of this year by far. The sound effects in this game are also very good. I didn’t like the music in this game. I really liked the World War 1 setting in this game. It was perfect in my opinion. The campaign was excellent and the story was great and it was well written. That being said the campaign in the game ended a little too soon so if you’re a gamer who likes a long campaign then the campaign will be a little bit disappointing. The story in this game may be short but it’s still very enjoyable. 

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There is a nice selection of game modes and weapons in this game. The multiplayer was pleasing but, I didn’t enjoy it fully. There was too much happening and it can be quite frustrating taking damage and not knowing where it’s coming from. Overall the multiplayer is quite good. but it can get a little bit overwhelming. To be honest, I preferred the campaign. It would have been nice if the campaign was longer. The campaign is the best part of this game in my opinion.  I did really like the maps in this game. The maps were brilliant. 

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The vehicles in Battlefield 1 were splendid and I had a lot of good fun playing around with them. The combat in this game is impressive and overall the production quality is very good. 

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The loading times in this game can be very long and it can get very annoying after a while. The user interface also needs to be improved. 

Image result for battlefield 1 1920x1080 screenshots

Overall, Battlefield 1 is a very good game but it’s not the best game of this year. A lot of positive things can be said about this game but at the same time, some negatives can be said about this game. If you’re looking for a good shooting game then I recommend you get this game. Battlefield 1 is a fine shooting game.




Battlefield 1 is a great game recommended to all gamers. The campaign is great but too short. 







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