Owlboy Review

Owlboy is a great game and I enjoyed every bit of the game. The game really reminds me of classic NES and that’s good. The graphics in this game aren’t mindblowing but the art style in this game is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. The sprites and the animations are marvelous and each and every one of the characters has personality. The is filled with a lot of memorable characters.  I usually don’t like indie games with 8bit graphics but I really liked the sprites and animations in this game and they made everything look nice and not ugly. The environment is beautifully designed and memorable. 

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The music in this game is incredible. When I started the game and heard the first track and I instantly knew I was going to like the music in this game and I did. I even went on youtube to look for the soundtrack because the music was that good and memorable. If you’re looking for an interesting game and If you like games like Kirby then you might like this game. 

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The gameplay in this game is quite good too. In Owlboy you play as Otus and you can pick up allies to help you fight. Your power depends on the ally you pick up. It may not sound original but I really enjoyed it. This game is also filled with puzzles. 

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The boss battles are also very fun and exciting in this game and the controls are very good. That being said when you first play the game it might take a little time to get used to the aiming. 

Image result for owlboy 1920x1080

The story in the game is very interesting and the dialogue is splendid. I enjoyed Owlboy and if you’re looking for a new PC game I recommend you pick this game up. You will not be disappointed. Owlboy is the best Indie platformer of this year by far. 




Owlboy is a great game. The artstyle is excellent and the characters are great. Definitely recommended. 


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