Mafia 3 Review

Mafia 3 is not the worst game of this year. Disappointing yes, but not the worse. There are some good things about this game, but the good stuff is overshadowed by the bad stuff. It’s interesting at first, but when you play more of this game you get quite bored and uninterested. I didn’t actually enjoy this game. To be honest, this game is a chore. It’s not fun, it’s boring and you just want to get it done. The graphics are also poor. They could have done a much better job with the graphics. They were just disappointing. I also disliked the music in this game. The music is very forgetful and there is nothing special about any of the tracks in this game. 

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The story wasn’t amazing actually it was decent. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great. That being said, the game does have a good sense of progression. The combat system was mediocre and it can get very boring and repetitive. One thing I hate about this game is the open world. Some games this year have suffered from an empty open world. There is no point in making an open world game if it’s going to be empty. For example, GTA V has a massive open world filled with stuff to do. In this game, the open world is just empty, plain and boring. 

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Voice acting in this game was quite good and the characters were fine. Nothing special. Missions were also quite boring in this game. Many of the missions lacked variety. To be honest Mafia 3 is a below average game. There is nothing interesting or special about this game. It’s just there. 

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The A.I in this game were hideous and the gameplay is very dated. Overall Mafia 3 is a poor game that does nothing new. If you want a good fun open world game then I recommend you get GTA V. Mafia 3 doesn’t try hard and as a result failed. 

Image result for mafia 3 1920x1080 gameplay images




Mafia 3 is a very disappointing game. The game is boring and repetitive and the graphics are quite bad. 



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