The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim : Special Edition Review

Skyrim is an interesting game. It’s a very unique and enjoyable game that being said, this supposed remaster is quite poor and if you have the original game I don’t recommend you get this game especially if you’re a PC user. Sure, it has mods and all the DLC, but it still doesn’t justify the $60 price tag. Textures have improved and the graphics have been mildly improved as well. It looks good,but there are far better remasters in my opinion. Also, I was quite disappointed with the framerate on this game.  A “remaster” of a 5-year-old game should be running at 60fps max. 30fps is very disappointing in my opinion. 

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Now that we have all the negativity out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff. Skyrim is an excellent game. The game is filled with quests and side quests and overall it’s jam-packed with content and the voice acting is great. The game mechanics are very dated, but what do you expect from a game that was released 5 years ago? If you’ve already played Skyrim I don’t recommend you purchase this game again but if you’ve never played Skyrim wait for a price drop and get the game. You’ll be very satisfied as this game is one of the best RPG of the decade.

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Skyrim is one of the best RPG’s out there and the open world is great. You can get a variety of different weapons and a variety of spells or you can get mods to spice up your game. The game may have fewer mods on the PS4 but it’s still very enjoyable without mods. I also enjoyed the story in this game and I liked the characters in this game as well. Also, keep in mind if you mod your game on the ps4 you wouldn’t be able to get trophies. If you’re a trophy hunter I recommend you complete the game, get the trophies you want. And then after you complete the game you start a new save and you use mods on the new save. 

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You can literally spend hours upon hours in Skyrim. This may not be the best remaster but the actual game is brilliant. If you love exploring and getting lost then buy Skyrim. If you want to try it out then wait for a price drop. Overall a fantastic game but a mediocre remaster. 

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Skyrim is one of the best RPG’s of all time. That being said this remaster wasn’t great.





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