World of Final Fantasy Review

World Of Final Fantasy is a very interesting and enjoyable game and it’s very different compared to many other JRPG’s. World of Final Fantasy is an example of your typical old school JRPG. Random encounters with a turn-based battle system. The battle system in this game is actually very good, it’s better than turn based battle system in other JRPG’s that being said this battle system can get very repetitive. The graphics in this game are gorgeous. And I like Lann and Reynn design. I especially like Lann’s design because he reminds me of a Kingdom Hearts character. The art style in this game is quite good. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I really like the chibi’s in this game. They’re actually very cute in my opinion, but I can see why most people hate the chibi’s in this game. 

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The voice acting in this game is well…Awful. Just terrible. Some characters can be extremely annoying and unlikable. Lann can also be very annoying and  irritating. Reynn is no better, to be honest. You have your typical dumb main character with the smart character who always corrects Lann. Very cliche. Lann and Reynn have fantastic designs, but as a character there just down right terrible. Out of all the video games I have played Lann and Reynn are definitely up there as the worst characters ever and then there’s Tama. Don’t get me started on this one. Tama’s voice acting is dreadful and her character in general atrocious. 

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The characters in the game aren’t great, but the story was enjoyable. I liked the way they brought back all the old Final Fantasy characters and if you’re looking for an old school JRPG with Cloud and Lighting then be sure to look at this one. The story is very light hearted. I also loved catching mirages. Mirages are basically monsters you can catch and stack. Stacking them makes you more powerful and slower at the same time. Instead of getting other characters to join your party, you can catch Mirages to help you on your adventure. If you like Pokemon, then you’ll love this game. The pacing in the game was also very good. 

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The game is filled with content and you can summon lots of old Final Fantasy characters. That being said, the game is extremely linear and the environments can be bland and random encounters can get repetitive after a while. I don’t recommend you play this game for long hours. I had to take breaks in between to make the game more enjoyable for myself. 

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Overall the game is a very good game. Yes, it has its flaws but overall it’s very good and if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before then get this game. It’s a good game to play before Final Fantasy XV comes out (now that’s the game where all waiting for). 

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World of Final Fantasy is a very good game. Sure the voice acting is awful and the main characters are poor but overall it’s actually a good game. 






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