World Of Final Fantasy First Impressions

So far I’m enjoying  World of Final Fantasy. A lot of people hate the chibis but I for one love the chibi they’re extremely cute in my opinion and I like the way you can switch between the chibi form and the human form. The game is also a lot of Pokemon. If you enjoy Pokemon or any old school turn based RPG then you’ll love this game. The game also features popular Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Lighting, and Tidus. You’re able to imprison (catch) mirages. Mirages are the monsters you can catch. A lot of the mirages have great designs and you’re able to re-name the mirage you caught.

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In World Of Final Fantasy, you’re able to stack mirages. This basically makes you more powerful and gives you access to extra moves that being said when you stack the mirages  you use fewer characters and you’re a lot slower. The graphics in the game are also quite good. I really like the art style they went for in this game it’s really fascinating. I also love the music in this game. The battle theme and the boss battle theme are epic. 

Image result for world of final fantasy 1920x1080

That being said the game has some flaws. For example, the voice acting. The voice acting is awful possibly the worst voice acting in a video game ever. It’s actually that bad. The game can also get quite repetitive. I recommend you take breaks when you’re playing this game because you’ll be extremely bored if you play this game for a long period of time. So far the game is fun. I have to play this more before I can give it a review and a score so please wait. 

Image result for world of final fantasy 1920x1080


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