FIFA 17 Review

Fifa 17 is an extremely fun game and I’ve had a lot of fun with this game. That being said this game has some flaws and unfortunately it’s not as good as PES 2017. That being said, Fifa 17 is still an enjoyable game and If you enjoyed Fifa 15 or Fifa 16 then you’ll most certainly enjoy this game. The graphics are pretty damn good this time around, that’s for sure. Look like the Frostbite engine helped a bit. The players look amazing and the stadiums look incredible. In terms of graphics, Fifa, 17 is great. It’s the best looking Fifa game in years, that’s for sure. 

The commentary in this game is superb and the presentation is very clean. The game is actually quite realistic this time around. One thing I enjoyed about this game was the Journey. The Journey was a fantastic new addition to the game. It really did freshen things up. I was looking forward to playing the Journey and I enjoyed every single bit of it. If you’re looking for something new in Fifa then I recommend you get Fifa 17 and play the Journey. The game also has a lot of new single player feature for all those who like playing alone.  

Image result for fifa 17 1920x1080 screenshot

Fifa 17 is definitely a fun game, but the “gameplay” hasn’t changed much, unfortunately, but then again there’s only so much you can do with a game in the soccer genre but I would have liked if they spiced up the gameplay a bit. There is also a very large roster of teams and players. and the A.I teams and players are much smarter than previous games.  

Image result for fifa 17 1920x1080 screenshot

Fifa 17 is also filled with a lot of content. If you’re a soccer lover you’ll enjoy Fifa. I’m not a soccer actually, to be honest, I don’t really watch soccer but I’ve still enjoyed playing Fifa 17. Heck, you don’t have to like soccer to play this game. If you’re interested in video games and if you like playing with friends then I recommend you get Fifa 17. Also, there’s ultimate team. Ultimate team is still fun but the lack of ultimate team upgrades is very disappointing in my opinion. The controls can also be quite complicating for beginners. If you’ve played Fifa before then I’m sure the controls will be fine. Another thing is the soundtrack in this game was great. The soundtrack could have been so much better. 

Overall Fifa 17 is a good game. It has its flaws but overall it’s a very enjoyable game. If you love Fifa buy this game.  If you’ve never played Fifa then I recommend you at least wait for a price cut. 




Fifa 17 is a good game and it’s very enjoyable. The graphics have also improved. That being said not much has changed.





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