Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review

PES 2017 is an epic game and it’s better than last year’s PES game. I’m really enjoying this game. And I have had lots of fun playing this game online and with friends. If you love sports games, then you’ll definitely enjoy this game. It’s extremely fun. The graphics in this game are incredibly good and the animations are perfect. This game is more “realistic” than the other PES games. The controls are also superb. Passing, dribbling, and shooting is excellent. Like I said if you’re looking for a good soccer game this year I recommend you get PES 2017. You wouldn’t be disappointed. 

One thing I liked about this game is the AI. The AI is much better than previous installments. The AI offers a great challenge to play against. This is one of the biggest improvements in my opinion. The mediocre AI in previous installments was a massive flaw. I’m so happy they improved the AI in this game. That being said the teams are a little bit sparse. The game does not offer a good selection of teams and that’s quite a big flaw in my opinion. It would have been much better if we had more teams to pick from. 

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Also the online mode has a number of different issues, but it’s still quite enjoyable. Another thing I like about this game is it has lots of difficulty levels to choose from and the Master League is pretty incredible. That being said I really did not like the licensed soundtrack and the commentary. There are also new tactical options that add a bit of spice to the game. The tutorial is also quite good. If you’re new to PES then the tutorial will help you a lot. Overall, this game is PES 2016 with dozens of improvements and new features. PES 2016 was good, but this game is better. 

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The goalkeepers and the referees have improved and the players are much better and they offer many different skills and talents. Overall PES 2017 is a great game. If you enjoyed the last game, then you’ll most certainly enjoy this game. The online mode may have minor issues, but it’s still extremely fun to play online. Playing with friends can also be very fun. Recommended for people who like Sports games.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is a great game. Everything has improved in this game and the AI is much better in this game. Overall an extremely fun game. 




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