Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past Review

Dragon Quest VII is an excellent game and it’s one of the best 3DS games of this year by far. A lot of people have been waiting for this game to get localized and finally it’s here. The game is great and I’ve had lots of fun with this game. The new 3D engine is beautiful and the game looks great on the 3ds. This game is one of the better looking 3DS games. The art style in this game is excellent. Every character has a wonderful design in this game. What I really liked about this game were the characters. The characters were very charming. 

This game has a huge world to explore so you can get lost very easily in this game. The music in this game is outstanding then again I was expecting the music to be great because Dragon Quest is known for its excellent tracks. The story is very interesting. If you like games with a lot of dialogue and with an interesting story then you will most certainly enjoy this game. There are also a lot of classes in this game. The battle system in this game is superb and it’s very easy to get into and the boss fights are epic. 

Game review: Dragon Quest VII may be the biggest RPG ever


That being said this game has an extremely slow start. The game may seem a bit boring for a while but it does pick up.  The camera can also be quite annoying but nothing major. Also, some of the quest’s can drag out for way too long. Dragon Quest VII has some minor flaws but the game is still amazing. The game has over 100+ hours of content. If you like long games then this game will satisfy you. The game has a lot of enjoyable side quests to keep things fresh. Dragon Quest VII is a very old-school game. It’s a classic. If you haven’t played Dragon Quest VII yet then I recommend you play it because you will not be disappointed. This game is worth the price. Excellent boss battles, battle system, characters and story! This game is a game that needs to be added to every 3DS collection. 

Dragon Quest VII (3DS) - of course these guys would be in it




Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgetten Past is an excellent game. The game is huge and it’s filled with content and the story is very interesting. One of the best 3DS games of this year. 




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