Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Review

Oceanhorn is a very interesting  game. I actually played this game a couple of years back on my iPhone and I really did enjoy the game. That being said, the game is much better on the Playstation because you’re able to play it on a much bigger screen with a much higher resolution. That being said the character designs are very ugly. Every single character in the game has an awful design, including the main character, but the beautiful environment makes up for the ugly character designs. The music in the game is amazing. I really liked the soundtrack in this game. 

Overall the soundtrack in this game is outstanding. If you enjoy Zelda then you’ll probably enjoy this game, but if you’re looking for a “real” Zelda game with boats I recommend you play Windwaker HD on the WII U. That being said, this game resembles Zelda too much. I’m not saying it’s bad to resemble a game. It’s quite clear the developers were inspired by Windwaker HD and it’s nice to take ideas from other games but this game resembles it too much. That being said it’s the best thing we have to a Zelda game on consoles so I guess that’s a good thing. 

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The mechanics in this game are nice and the boss fights are decent. The game is a nice little adventure game in my opinion. You’re also able to collect different items to use on your adventure to beat the mysterious Oceanhorn. The story is mediocre at best in my opinion. A little bit cliche. The combat system is also decent in my opinion. It’s not as good as Zelda Windwaker but it’s definitely alright. One major flaw this game has is the animations. The animations, in my opinion, are extremely weak and the dungeons aren’t amazing either. The dungeons are fine, but they could have been much better. Then again I wasn’t expecting much. This game is an indie game after all. There is also lot’s to explore in Oceanhorn and there are many different Islands to travel to. 

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Overall Oceanhorn is a good game with some flaws. If you’re looking for a fun adventure game with Zelda elements, then I recommend you pick up Oceanhorn. It’s a pretty good game and I’ve definitely enjoyed the game a lot. 

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Oceanhorn is a good game. The music is great, but the character designs are very poor. That being said If you like Zelda then you will probably enjoy this game. 


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