Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Which Will Be The Better Game?

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With only 9 days to go until Persona 5 comes out in Japan and 2 months left until Final Fantasy XV arrives I’m just wondering? Which of these 2 will be the better game? Obviously, I can’t really say because I haven’t played any of them (Well I’ve played the Final Fantasy XV demo) but in this article, I’m going to judge based on the trailers and the videos. To be honest both games at the moment look amazing. Final Fantasy XV is your open world JRPG and Persona 5 is your high school classic turn based JRPG. I’ve played both the Final Fantasy XV Demo’s (Episode Duscae and the Platinum demo) and I enjoyed both the demo’s but the demo’s had a lot of problems. For example The fps was terrible and the combat system was pretty off but overall I enjoyed both the demo’s. That being said the music and the graphic’s in Final Fantasy XV is brilliant I really think this game will be better then Final Fantasy 13. I also prefered the Platinum Demo. I liked playing as Kid Noctis and the music was much better in that demo. 

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The e3 demo for Final Fantasy XV was a mess but the gamescom gameplay video was much better in my opinion and it kind of made up for the horrible e3 demo. That being said they really need to work on the fps because at the moment the fps is very poor. I think delaying Final Fantasy XV was the right choice because obviously as you can tell the game needs a lot of polishing. Delaying the game will make the game much more polished and much more enjoyable. I also like Noctic as a character. He is a very interesting character. Overall the characters in the game are very good 

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Now moving on to Persona 5. Persona 5 looks amazing. The game has a great cast of characters and the music in the game is brilliant. Obviously the graphics aren’t as good as Final Fantasy XV but the game has an outstanding art style. And in general the game is very stylish. It’s probably the most stylish game I have seen to date. And the game looks very interesitng. 

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I’ve always enjoyed the Persona games in my opinion Persona 4 Golden was an amazing game so I have high expectations for Persona 5. At the moment the game doesn’t really have any noticible problems but I guess that’s to be expected. Final Fantasy XV is an open world action rpg so it’s bound to have a lot more problems then Persona 5. It’s not easy to make an open world action rpg. The battle system in Persona 5 also looks much better then Persona 4 and 3. Overall Persona 5 looks fantastic and I have very high expectations for this game.

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Now moving on to the question. Which game will be the better game?  Final Fantasy has been decreasing in quality with every new game in my opinion. People are really expecting this game to be a masterpiece myself included. If this game ends up being average it will be extremely disappointing but I highly doubt it will end up being an average game. You can tell they are putting a lot of work into Final Fantasy XV. Persona on the other hand hasn’t been decling in quality in my opinion and no I’m not being biased I’m just saying the truth. As of late the Persona games have been much better than the Final Fantasy games. Just like Persona 5 I have high expectations for Final Fantasy XV. 

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That being said these 2 games will attract different audiences. Final Fantasy XV targets the Final Fantasy fans and the people who are interested in open world games. Whlile Persona 5 targets the Persona 5 fans and the people who are interested in classic turn based JRPG’s. That being said If your looking for a Turn based Final Fantasy JRPG then I recommend you check out World Of Final Fantasy. That game looks pretty good. Overall I have more confident in Persona 5 and that’s because the last couple of Perona games have been great and the last couple of Final Fantasy games have been average. But in the end I want both of these games to succeed as they both look amazing in my opinion. Which game do you think will be better game? 

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