F1 2016 Review

F1 2016 is a good racing game and I’ve definitely had fun with this game. It’s not the best racing game I’ve played and it’s definitely not the worst racing game I’ve played. It’s really just a “good” game it’s not great, it’s not average it’s just “good”.  The visuals in this game are actually really good and a lot of detail were put into the vehicles. If your one of those gamers who only care about graphics then you’ll be pretty happy with the graphics in this game. The tracks in the game are also very very detailed. Overall the graphics are great. 

That being said the game does have minor glitches and minor performance issues but that shouldn’t make the less enjoyable. The game is still very playable. The career mode also returns in this game and that’s a good thing. The career mode was pretty much needed so personally, I’m happy they returned the career mode in this game. To be honest this game is probably the strongest F1 game to date in my opinion. This game is a major step forward compared to its last game. I especially like the new paddock environment and avatars in career mode. 

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Playing online in this game is quite fun and the net code is pretty good too. That being said the tutorial is awful in my opinion. I’m not great at racing games so a good tutorial could have helped but if you’re familiar with racing games then I don’t think the bad tutorial will affect you much. Beginners may have some issues with the tutorial. 

The game has a variety of different game modes but some of the game modes can be dull and unexciting. But overall most of the game modes are fun.  

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The game also has a variety of different tracks to keep things fresh. The practice sessions can also be enjoyable. This game is a good game it’s much better than the last year’s disaster. Just because the last game sucked doesn’t mean this game will suffer the same fate. If you enjoy racing games then check this game out in my opinion. Yes, the game needs a bit of polishing but it’s still a very fun and enjoyable racing game.  

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F1 2016 is a very enjoyable game. The visuals are great and the game has a variety of different modes. But the tutorial is pretty bad and overall the game needs more polish. 




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