Grow Up Review

grow up is a very interesting game and I did have fun with the game for a while but in the end, it’s not what I’d call great. The game is too similar to Grow Home. When Grow Home first came out it was different in many different ways and it was very unique. I’m not saying Grow Up isn’t unique it is unique but it’s very similar to Grow Home. I was really hoping for something different but unfortunately it’s more of the same. If you’re looking for a game different to Grow Home then you will be extremely disappointed with this game. 

That being said the graphics in this game are gorgeous and the art style is brilliant I really adore the cartoony style this game has. I loved the music in Grow Home and the music in this game did not disappoint me. Overall the music was great. The game doesn’t have a lot of content but there is a lot of exploration to do in this game. That being said this game has a lot of technical problems e.g crashing. The camera is also a bit odd in this game but the wonky camera won’t ruin the game completely. 

Also the framerate. Wow, where do I start? The frames dropped so many times that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I really wasn’t expecting the game to drop in frames so much. The framerate drops are extremely noticeable during the cutscenes. Overall Grow Up is a disappointing game. Some might like it and some might not like it. Grow up is definitely an interesting game and some people might like this game. That being said If you’ve already played Grow Home I recommend you don’t get this as you aren’t really missing much.


The Good 

  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Excellent art style

The Bad

  • Technical Problems
  • Bad Camera




Grow Up is a unique game and it can be very interesting but the game has a lot of technical problems and the game is too similar to Grow Home.


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