Bound Review (PS4)

Bound is a unique game. The graphics are great and I love the art style in this artistic game. In short, the game is beautiful but it lacks a lot. Bound is about a girl who tries to save her kingdom using the power of artistic dances. The concept sounds very interesting but unfortunately, the game is incredibly boring. The colours in the game are beautifully presented and the story is very deep but is that enough? Gameplay is what matters the most and unfortunately Bound lacks in that one particular area which is disappointing. 

What I like about Bound is it tries to be different. It’s completely different than any of the platformers I have played but is being different enough? The game excels in uniqueness and creativity and it excels in its story and music but everything else is lacking and that’s why bound in my opinion cannot be a great game because it’s lacking too much which is very unfortunate. The pacing in this game is also very slow so the game might be extremely boring at first. If you enjoyed Abzu or Journey you might enjoy this but in my opinion, Bound is missing something Journey and Abzu has. 

Bound is a very fancy game it’s one of the most stylish games I have played to date. The game is just so damn elegant but I’ll be lying if I say I enjoyed the game. The truth is I didn’t really enjoy Bound. Sure it’s stylish and unique but the gameplay is very underwhelming and the puzzles are extremely dull. The game is definitely beautiful but the gameplay like I said is pretty bad. What is more important? A beautiful game or a fun game? Of course, it being beautiful and unique matters but the bad gameplay makes the experience underwhelming in my opinion. 

Content wise this game is very short but then again I wasn’t expecting a big game. Bound could have been a great game. It was set up to a great game but the poor gameplay and easy puzzles, in my opinion, ruins the game. It could have been better but unfortunately, it’s not. That being said if you enjoy these sort of games you might enjoy this but if you’re looking for the next Journey then stay away from this game in my opinion. Overall Bound is a beautiful but tedious game. 

The Good

  • Deep Story
  • Beautiful Game
  • Interesting Concept

The Bad

  • Poor Gameplay
  • uninteresting Puzzles
  • Too Easy



Bound definitely has style but its lacking in a lot of different areas. The game is beautiful but boring.




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