No Man’s Sky Review

No Man’s Sky is a unique game. It’s different then most if not all of the games I have played to date. The game is fun but after a couple of hours it can become a bore that being said it can be exciting exploring other planets and the planets have brilliant designs (well some of them). Some of the planets can be lifeless while some of the planets can be full of enemies and creatures. Textures on some planets look quite bad but overall most of the planets are beautifully designed. The music in this game is breathtaking. This game has some of the best music video game wise. The music is just so calm and relaxing and it gets you in the mood to explore. I immediately fell in love with the soundtrack in the game. 

The planets are massive. It’s so big I can’t keep track of the number of times I got lost exploring. That being said some planets can be lonely and walking can become a massive pain after a while. Big planets are great and all but what’s the point of a big planet when some of them are lifeless. There are some brilliant planets and there are some  bland, boring planets. 

This game is a different game. It’s different from any other game I have played but is being different enough? That being said I do enjoy what this game has to offer like exploring, crafting, looking for resources but after like let’s say 40hrs it becomes extremely repetitive and everything starts to feel the same. But there is stuff you can do to spice up your game like hunting for trophies or making your way to the centre. Currently, I’m trying to make my way to the centre and you know what that goal I  have set out  for myself has made this game for me more exciting and thrilling. If you’re looking for a space combat PVP shooter like Destiny then you will be extremely disappointed with this game. This game is an exploring game. It’s not a PVP shooter. This game is everything I was expecting but I can’t lie and say this game doesn’t get repetitive. That wouldn’t be the truth. If you don’t have a goal set out then this game will be extremely repetitive for you. This game surely has content but does the game have “quality” content?  The answer is yes and no. Yes because it can be fun discovering new things and no because some of the planets can be dull and bland. There’s a handful of planets I like and there’s a handful of planets I don’t like. That’s just me, though. You probably have planets you like and planets you don’t like. 

I love finding new creatures and feeding them. I also love the adorable noises they make. The creatures are the highlight of this game in my opinion. Every single one of these creatures has fascinating designs. I also love trading with NPCs and naming my discoveries. There is an occasional space battle against sentinels and it can be fun taking them out but beware the sentinels will not stop attacking until your completely dead. Also, don’t attack the gigantic creatures because they will mess you up. 

The names for the planets, plants and creatures are very creative. I sometimes laugh at the names or try to pronounce them. No Man’s Sky is a game you have to explore at your own pace. You can make the game  extremely fun or extremely boring. I recommend this game to anyone who loves exploring. If your looking for a PVP space combat game or a multiplayer adventure game then this game is not recommended to you. Please do not buy this game if you’re looking for that kind of experience. The game is extremely fun for the first couple of hours but as you start to play the game more and more you start to see the flaws. This game is a game that shouldn’t be played for 10hrs straight. It’s a game you have to play every once in a while to keep things fresh. This game is definitely one of our hardest games to score. This is a game that has to be experienced for yourself as everyone will have a different experience with this game. Personally, I have enjoyed my time with this game. Some will enjoy it and some will not enjoy it.

The Good

  • Extraordinary music
  • Some of the planets have Beautiful Designs
  • Gives the player a lot of freedom
  • It can be exciting discovering new things

The Bad

  • Can get repetitive
  • Some planets are lifeless




No Man’s Sky is a great game but it’s not for everyone. This is a game you have to play for yourself. That being said the game can get repetitive but overall It’s a great game and we definitely enjoyed it. 



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  1. etrox says:

    a shame he had to lie about multiplayer tho.


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