No Man’s Sky First Impressions


So far I’m  having a lot of fun in No Man’s Sky and it can be exciting exploring other planets. Each and every planet graphically look wonderful and I love naming the different planets I discover. That being said some of the textures on planets look very bland but overall the graphics are great. The music is breathtaking. This game has some of the best music video game wise. I immediately fell in love with the soundtrack in this game. Each and every track in the game are brilliant. What I love the most about this soundtrack is it gets you in the relaxing mode while exploring the planets of No Man’s Sky.  

The planets are extremely large. Like when I say extremely large I mean extremely large. That being said the world can be lonely at times and it can seem like your walking forever. But it can be exciting coming across a creature and naming them it can also be fun uploading the discoveries you find.  

This game is different. It’s different from any other game you have played before and you know what that’s a good thing. We need different games. Sometimes games like this are needed. Exploring, looking for resources and crafting is what you do in the game. If you’re looking for a PVP space combat game then this game isn’t for you. This game is for the people who want to sit back relax and explore and I’m one of those people who enjoy doing that. 

There is an occasional battle against a space creature and it can be fun taking them out and sometimes you can find a whole bunch of creatures around but beware if you attack them they will attack you back heck one of them killed me. 

No Man’s Sky is a game you have to explore at your own pace. The game is just so big I don’t think I’ll ever reach the centre but you know what that’s fine. No Man’s Sky is everything I wanted it to be but I’m afraid this is all I can say for now. But so far No Man’s Sky is an excellent game and the game will give you an incredible taste of freedom and exploration. so far I recommend this game to anyone who loves a sense of exploration. Expect the full review on Wednesday or Thursday.


So Far we are loving No Man’s Sky. It’s definitely the game we were expecting. 




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