The No Man’s Sky Day 1 Patch Is Adding A Lot Of New Things

I read about the new No Man’s Sky Patch Notes on the official No Man’s Sky website and damn am I impressed. I was excited about this game but these new patch notes got me even more excited for No Man’s Sky. It looks like this ” Day 1 update” is going to be a massive update for the game. There is just so much stuff being added to the game. This new update makes the pre – released versions look like test copies. In the new update, they add a new feature call the three paths. Basically, you follow and individual path throughout the game and the choices you choose makes an impact on what you see later in the game. Also, the environments have changed biomes and galaxies have altered shape. We can also expect to see a lot of creatures. 

There also going to add dead moons, low atmosphere, and extreme hazardous planets. Extreme hazards include blizzards and dust storms. The inventory has also increased which is a good thing. I can’t stand small inventories in games. If I am going to explore at least give me a big inventory. Also, it looks like they are going to increase the inventories in the update so I am looking forward to that. 

Also, a wider variety of ships appears per star system. Also, it looks like they have spiced up the trading in this game too. Apparently, star system’s and planets are going to have their own needs. Also what I am about to say next is probably my favourite new feature. Creatures have their own diet. Feeding them correctly will yield different results per species. It looks like creatures will play a big role in your space adventure. 

The lighting and texture resolution have improved. From what I have seen from leaked videos the textures looked very bland in some areas so I am happy they are improving it. Space combat has also improved and you can now engage in larger space battles. You also have the ability to scan star systems other players have discovered. And there is a lot more getting added in this massive update there also going to add base building and giant freighters in the next update which I am excited for. You can read the new patch notes here –

No Man’s Sky is coming out in less than 2 days the wait is finally over and in just 2 days we are going to be able to experience the game for ourselves. Will the game be good or bad? 




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