Inside Review (Xbox One)

Wow is all I can say..Wow. This game is a masterpiece and every single bit of the game was enjoyable. I was expecting this game to be amazing, and my prediction was right. Never have I played an Indie game so good since Limbo. Like the game is breathtaking it’s outstanding. This game is the best Indie game in years. I am not a fan of “puzzle” games but when it came to this game I just instantly fell in love with it. This game got me interested in the puzzle game genre. In fact Inside is a better game than Limbo yup, I said it Inside is better. Inside has quickly become one of my most beloved games of this year. 

This game stole the  “best indie game” crown from Limbo. No indie game can come close to this. Not the Witness, not Firewatch, not Limbo or not Undertale. The game is basically about a boy who struggles against evil forces trying to take over the world through questionable experiments on human bodies.The boy starts in a forest where strange dark figures seem to be watching and hunting him, but this soon gives way to a factory-like warehouse, where the boy finds an entity performing mind-control experiments on people, and looks to find a way to stop it.

Inside is a game that screams quality over quantity. Inside is nice, short and sweet and this is a game every single gamer should play. If you don’t have an Xbox One play it on the PC if you don’t have a PC play it on the Xbox One if you don’t have an Xbox One or a PC BUY ONE because this game is a game everyone has to play. This game is one of those RARE games every one HAS to buy because if you don’t buy this game your missing out on the best experience a video game can offer. The gameplay in the game is very interesting and the Boy is able to control countless different bodies. But you have to make sure to do the puzzles quickly because like Limbo if you don’t do the puzzles quickly your character will die a slow painful gruesome death. Overall Inside is a masterpiece and it’s one of the best games of 2016.

Should You Buy This Game?!

YES. This game needs to be played by everyone. Sadly enough the game isn’t on PS4 so if you have a PC get it on July 7th or if you have an Xbox One Pre-order it NOW!!

The Good

  • Fantastic Story
  • Fantastic Gameplay
  • Extremely charming


The Bad

  • Nothing




Inside is one of the best Indie Games of all time. The game is incredible. It’s a masterpiece. Recommended to everyone. 




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