God Eater: Resurrection Review (PS4)

God Eater: Resurrection is a remake of the original God Eater: Burst for the Playstation 4. God Eater: Resurrection isn’t the prettiest game in the world. The graphics definitely look better in comparison to God Eater: Burst but the game still doesn’t look like a “Next Gen” game but hey, graphic’s aren’t everything. Overall the Graphic’s aren’t great, but I’ll live with that. The music in God Eater: Resurrection is great I like almost every track in the game. I especially like the opening theme in God Eater: Resurrection. Overall the music in God Eater: Resurrection is great and the game has a variety of different tracks which is good. If you like music in video games you will like the music in this game. 

In God Eater: Resurrection the characters fight the Aragami. The Aragami are the enemies in this game. The warriors who take on the Aragami are called “God Eaters”. The game also features customization but the customization is very limited. The battle system is actually pretty good the game reminds a lot of Monster Hunter and I love Monster Hunter. If you like games like Monster Hunter then you will enjoy God Eater Resurrection. The battle system in my opinion is Top Notch. One thing I don’t like about this game is it doesn’t add a lot of new features which is a shame but the game does add a new story segment  taking place after the events of Burst. The purpose of this “new story segment” is to connect the game with the events of God Eater 2.

The controls in God Eater Resurrection aren’t great, but they aren’t bad either. The controls are definitely better than God Eater Burst but there still not “great”. The game is still very playable and besides the controls aren’t as bad as God Eater Burst and the Camera Angles have also improved drastically in this game too. The story in God Eater Resurrection is very good and I personally enjoyed the story in this game. This game is like Monster Hunter but with a good plot. 

God Eater Resurrection can last you hours upon hours, heck it can last you 100hrs+ if you do everything possible in the game, but the main story should last you about 40hrs+ which is pretty good. Overall, I enjoyed God Eater Resurrection, but don’t buy this game because if you Pre-order God Eater 2 the game will come with a free digital copy of God Eater Resurrection. 

Should You Buy The Game?

Do not buy the game. I’am not saying this because the game is bad I’am saying this because God Eater 2 Rage Burst will come with a free copy of God Eater Resurrection so unless you want to waste you’re money don’t buy this game. So Pre-order God Eater 2 NOW!!

The Good

  • Great Music
  • Great Story
  • Excellent battle system 
  • Improved Camera 
  • New Story Segment

The Bad

  • Average Graphics
  • Lack of new features



God Eater: Resurrection is a great game and it has improved drastically compared to God Eater Burst. A game every JRPG fan should own.



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  1. konpon says:

    I would not say “Lack of Feature”. But instead, “very few new features”. After all, Resurrection was released after Rage Burst in Japan. The new features unique to resurrection are the Predator styles, which are in fact absent in Rage Burst. The second feature is the elimination of bullet limits by barrel, which is kinda hard to explain, but you might once the sequel hits on August 30. And the third feature being the AI alterations for all the Aragami, which not only include several changed tactics, but also, they all get new attacks each.

    Aside from that, Resurrection does enjoy from the latest additions introduced in Rage Burst, save for 4 features that are exclusive there: Blood Arts, Blood Bullets, Blood Rage, and Link Supports.

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  2. Considering that all they needed to do was port and enhance the game for PS4, I believe the new features are a gift that they really didn’t need to add in, but glad they did.

    The Predator styles sure curb a lot of the gameplay frustrations in the original Burst. Namely being friendly fired whilst trying to devour. Also allowing more opportunities to devour the enemy whilst keeping up with their mobility.

    The additional weapon types are also welcome. Which include the rocket hammer, the spear/halberd, and the scythe.

    You could also say the voices are an addition, for better or worse. The NPCs are much more vocal in this game than they were in Burst.

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  3. Rangerborn12 says:

    “Improved Camera”? I doubt it. While not as bad as Burst, it is still very messy. I’m surprised many sites had not been annoyed by it. The camera is only good when you’re are fighting one aragami. 2 or more aragami makes it a huge pain. That and the lock on system isn’t as great as Soul Sacrifice’s or Toukiden’s.


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