Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review (WII U)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Is a game I have been waiting for and this game definitely did not disappoint me. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a crossover between Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. To be honest, I expected the game to be a lot darker, but it being bright and bubbly is still fine. The opening theme is very catchy and it’s my favourite anime video game opening theme this year. The game also has a glorious soundtrack and if you love Japanese style music, then you will most certainly love the soundtrack in this game. My favourite theme so far is the opening theme but I must say I do enjoy the battle theme, as well. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is filled with fantastic tracks. Like I said if you like Japanese style music then you will love the soundtrack in the game. 

The graphics in the game aren’t perfect, but that’s fine. The character designs are fantastic and the game has an awesome art style. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a very stylish game. To be honest, I think the game should have been called Persona x Fire emblem because the game has more of a Persona feel than a Shin Megami Tensei feel. The reason for this is because Persona is bright and stylish and Shin Megami Tensei is dark and gory. Overall the graphics aren’t great, but the art style is brilliant.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions has a very odd but interesting story. The game is about Mirage Masters, who fight, but dream of becoming big entertainers one day. Basically, the main characters have 2 lives. 1 life as an entertainer and another life as a Mirage Master. It may sound boring, but when you play the game the story will become more understandable. I personally liked the story in the game. 

Now you guys may not agree with me on this one but Persona and Shin Megami Tensei have the best turn based battle system out of any JRPG. This, in my opinion, your opinion may differ. Anyways the battle system in this game is fantastic and I love the way they have Shin Megami Tensei moves. The game also has pretty good dungeons and it can be fun taking on bosses. Overall the battle system in Tokyo Mirage Sessions is outstanding. Dungeons are good but they could have been a bit better. 

Remember Social Links from the Persona series?  Yup, this game has social links too. Basically, as characters improve their relationship they gain the ability to learn new moves. The new special attacks, they learn are also very powerful.  Side Stories can be done to raise the relationship between two characters. The side stories, in my opinion, are boring and they could have been better, but hey, at least it adds extra gameplay to the game. Tokyo Mirage sessions is a game you MUST get if you love JRPG’s. The game might be a bit bizarre if you’re new to JRPG’s. Overall. I enjoyed Tokyo Mirage Sessions and I would definitely buy it again if it comes out for the Nintendo NX. 

The Good 

  • Fantastic Music
  • Outstanding Battle System
  • Brilliant Art Style 
  • Extra Features 
  • Great Story

The Bad

  • Boring Side Story 
  • Dungeons could have been a bit better




 Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a fantastic game. It’s a game every JRPG fan should own. One of the best JRPG’s on The WII U. 




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