Mighty No. 9 Review (PS4,Xbox One,PC,WII U)

This game tried, but failed. After all, those delays this game ended up being a cheap copy of Megaman and if you’re a massive Megaman fan then you will be disappointed with this game. First, let’s talk about the art style. The art style in this game is dreadful the only character that has a somewhat decent art style is Beck and that’s sad. This game isn’t a Megaman spiritual successor it tried to be but it failed. The voice acting in the game is hideous too. I wonder what happened to this game? The game got worse and worse with every new trailer we saw. Like how? This game literally had a 4M budget like come on. This game looks worse than your average mobile game. 

Now let’s talk about the graphics. The graphics in this “Spiritual successor” are extremely poor like it’s shocking. What happened to the gorgeous concept art? The character textures are bad to the point, it’s depressing and playing the game can be an eyesore because of the disgusting textures like I am in shock. How can a game with a 4M budget look so bad? The level designs are also pretty bad. This game had good ideas, but unfortunately, it didn’t use those good ideas. Most of the boss designs are terrible excluding no.7 and no. 2 and Ray also has a pretty good design. Ray reminds be of Bass from the original Megaman. Overall the art style and graphic’s in this “spiritual successor” are terrible at best. 

I was also very disappointed with the soundtrack in this game. Megaman is known for its glorious soundtrack but this game not so much. Then again not all the tracks in the game are bad, to be honest, I actually like some of them but overall the soundtrack was a disappointment. 

What I do like about the game is the dash system. It can be fun beating down enemies and using your dash to create combos. The dash system is literally the only good thing about this game. The  levels can be extremely tedious and repetitive and Boss fights can be lackluster. The bosses in Megaman were so much better compared to this mess. The only boss, I enjoyed fighting was no.7. The abilities you get from the bosses are pathetic. The only good ability was the ability you got from defeating no. 7. You’re better off sticking with your mega buster or Mighty buster and the reason for this is because the other abilities aren’t as good your original ability. 

Mighty no. 9 also has hideous frame rate drops, which are completely unacceptable. This game should run at 60fps always. The graphics are terrible, so it’s beyond me why this game drops frames. Mighty no . 9 can be a bit fun at times and levels can be frustrating at times. Mighty no . 9 was a complete disappointment and if you want a “real” successor play Azure Strike Gunvolt. Mighty no . 9 is like a Jigsaw missing all of its pieces. 

The Good

  • Impressive Dash System 

The Bad 

  • Horrible art style
  • Disgusting graphics
  • Tedious levels
  • Horrible boss fights
  • Terrible abilities
  • Drop in frame rate 
  • Disappointing soundtrack 
  • Terrible voice acting 




 Mighty No. 9 had bright ideas, but it failed to use them. Mighty No. 9 is like a jigsaw missing all of its pieces. The most disappointing game of 2016 by far. 






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