So…Who Won E3 2016?


E3 was a blast this year so many new games were revealed like God of War, Zelda, Pokemon, Battlefield and more. But there can only be one winner and today we are going to pick our winner for E3 2016. 

6. EA 

EA had a mediocre e3 conference and that’s why it win’s the title of last place. E3 is about games and while they did show some games there was way too much talking and everything about the show was extremely cringy. We got to see some Some Battlefield 1 which by the way looks great and we also got to see some Titanfall which looks great as well. We got to see a clip of Mass Effect and honestly I don’t think Mass Effect will be released anytime soon we also got to see some Fifa. Fifa actually has a story now which is refreshing. The new Madden game looked terrible and I have no idea why they didn’t give Madden the Fifa treatment. Overall EA has a mediocre conference and there wasn’t any game that made me flip. our score – 5.1/10

5. Bethesda

Bethesda had such a good E3 Conference last year so I was a little bit disappointed with this one as it could have been so much better. They showed us the long-awaited Skyrim Remaster which was cool and they also showed us some Fallout 4 DLC and some DOOM DLC. They showed us some more Prey and to be honest Prey looks impressive they showed us a bit of Quake which looked pretty cool too. The Dishonored gameplay was extremely boring and it just didn’t look interesting to me. Bethesda also showed The Elder Scrolls: Legends and I wasn’t happy with that reveal. Bethesda’s Conference was fine but it falls short if you compare it to the others. 6.0/10

4. Nintendo 

Nintendo hasn’t had a good E3 Conference since 2014. Last year’s E3 Conference was awful and this year well was a little bit better even though they showed only 2 games. This year they showed their games at the Nintendo Treehouse which was different but it was still fine. They started the show with Zelda and then switched to Pokemon which I thought was a little bit weird. They showed Pokemon for about 40 minutes and the new Pokemon game looks amazing. It looks very different compared to the last couple of games and that’s good. We also got to see 3 new Pokemon and we got to see the Aloha Region. So far the Aloha region looks beautiful. After we saw some Pokemon we got to see some Zelda again and damn does the new Zelda game look beautiful. The art style in the new Zelda game is incredible and I cannot wait to pick this game up. But there is 1 thing. The new Zelda game looks extremely empty but hopefully, it will be lively when it comes out. Overall Nintendo could have had a better show if they showed more games but Zelda and Pokemon pulled it through. 6.7/10

3. Microsoft 

In third place we have Microsoft. The Microsoft E3 Conference was very good but it wasn’t as good as last year’s E3 Conference. They showed us the new and improved Xbox One Slim and it looks great but un-needed. They also showed us a lot of good looking indies. The worst thing about the Conference was Minecraft. They dragged out Minecraft for way too long to the point I felt like turning it off. They also showed us Dead Rising 4 and it looks great. At the end of the show, they showed us the extremely powerful  Xbox codenamed “Project Scorpio” Overall Microsoft had a very good show. 7.8/10 

2. Ubisoft 

In Second place we have Ubisoft. Ubisoft had a much better show compared to last year and they managed to outrank Microsoft by a bit. Ubisoft started off with Just dance but let’s not talk about that because we all know nobody came to E3 for Just Dance. We got to see more Watch Dog’s 2 and the game looks very promising and I have an extremely strong feeling that this game will be better than it’s predecessor. They showed us the new South Park game and it was hilarious. If you love the humor from South Park then you will love this game. Ubisoft also showed us some Ghost Recon Wildlands. At the end of the show, they showed us a brand new IP called “Steep” and it looks beautiful. The game reminds me of Skate. Overall Ubisoft had a great conference and I can’t wait to try out Watch Dogs and Steep. 8/10 

1. Sony = Winner 

Sony had a brilliant show. Sony had a brilliant show last year as well. Sony consistently gives us fantastic e3 shows and this year was no different. Microsoft had a pretty good show but Sony’s show was even better. Sony gave us games,games and more games. They didn’t drag out stuff and they didn’t talk for ages they showed games and that’s one of the main reasons why Sony won this year. The Orchestra was incredible too. They gave us a release date for The Last Guardian [FINALLY] and they showed us the new God of War, Days Gone, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn and more. Also CRASH IS COMING BACK!!! And those are just some of Sony’s games. Sony still has ni-oh, Persona 5, No man’s sky, Nier Automata, Dreams, Final Fantasy 7 remake and Gravity Rush 2 to be released. Overall Sony had an excellent show. 8.8/10 




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  1. ponie express says:

    Sony’s conference was boring. Very disappointed in the new God of War and Days Gone…very a la Last of Us story driven games and no release dates. Microsoft and EA conferences had the best showing in games and most importantly we actually have actual release dates for Recore, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Fifa 17, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield 1.

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    1. A. Garcia says:

      What?! Dude Sony had the most interesting conference hands down. Microsoft was decent but fact is, why have such a high powered machine if you have no games worth playing???

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    2. Mr. Donkadonkadoo says:

      Troll’s gonna troll. Microsoft basically just abandoned everyone who ever bought an xbox one in their sjpw. EVERY SINGLE GAME they get will NOT be an exclusive, you can get them ALL on the pc. That coupled with the scorpio which is, surprise surprise, an incremental pc like system, announcement puts that console in the same boat as the Wii U. What an embarassment.

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  2. Pony Hater says:

    What a load of Pony loving crap.

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  3. Kain says:

    Sony had nothing worth playing. All the best stuff was from Microsoft. The best game of the show was Forza Horizon 3 and the best announcement was Xbox Scorpio. All Sony had was flashy scripted shit that always makes dumshit fake gamer Sony fanboys go nuts because they like to pretend to play games that play themselves.

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    1. The Beast says:

      Only a brain dead zombie would believe Microsoft “won” E3. Sony kicked ass….again. It’s becoming their norm. They have all the games, and they have the best first party studios in the industry. The Scorpio doesn’t have Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Bend, Guerilla, etc. etc. etc., and until Microsoft gets it’s shit together and let’s their devs do something other than Halo, Gears, Forza on endless repetition, they will keep getting their asses handed to them. Natch.

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  4. Paper beats Rock says:


    The Xbox fanboys live on in this comment thread.

    Games are games. Sony had a better E3 than everyone…just deal with it. Microsoft had an alright performance but now everyone is confused on whether or not they should even be buying an Xbox One now. Let’s make a slim model and an way more powerful model that isn’t coming out for almost two years…..that’s really sending a mixed message to your consumers. They literally spent way too much time talking about Minecraft

    Grand Turismo > Forza
    Days Gone > Dead Rising
    God of War and Horizon > Everything that was showed at E3

    Everything VR from Sony was incredible.

    Sorry, but Microsoft will always be behind for the entirety of this Generation

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  5. Victor says:

    What a silly article. The criteria for judgment here is wrong. If all it takes to win is show a bunch of trailers then anyone can. Last ti e MS showed games but Sony was still declared the winner this year the same criteria that was used to take points last year is used to add points for Sony. Personally I think this kind of articleis silly as it contributes nothing other than fan the flames of console war. Simply going with E3 impressions would have been better.

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  6. Fusionjunky says:

    The person who wrote this is a total Sony fan boy. . . .” Also CRASH IS COMING BACK!!! And those are just some of Sony’s games.” SMH

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  7. Jbee03 says:

    Nintendo won that year and they did it with just one game. Breath of the wild eclipsed anything showed that day and as a results of having a hour long demo everyone was allowed to play and record. The internet was overflowing with video after video and previews, each showing how spectacular the game was in unique ways.


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