Kirby: Planet Robobot Review (3DS)

Kirby is back in an all-new adventure. I adored Kirby Triple deluxe so I just knew I had to pick this game up. The game is an extremely creative game and the levels are extremely creative. The game uses the mechanics from Kirby Triple Deluxe and expands on the mechanics. The graphics in the game are extremely similar to Kirby Triple Deluxe and in my opinion, I think it would have been better if they changed the graphics in this game a bit. Kirby Planet Robobot takes advantage of the 3D on the 3DS and this is a good thing because very few games on the 3DS take advantage of the 3D.

Kirby Planet Robobot has an incredible art style and the soundtrack in the game is stunning. The Kirby games have some of the best music and the music in this game doesn’t disappoint. I didn’t really enjoy the story in the game. The Kirby games are also known for having a terrible story so yeah this game didn’t impress me story wise. The story, in my opinion, isn’t different than the stories in other Kirby games. It has a different story obviously but the way everything happens isn’t different than the past Kirby games.

The boss fights in the game are epic and they are very different compared to past Kirby games. Kirby Planet Robobot took a risk and succeeded and the game is an extremely fun game. Kirby was already similar to MegaMan but in this game Kirby just screams MegaMan because of all the robotic stuff. Unfortunately, the game is extremely short and you can complete the game with a couple of hours. If you’re expecting a very long game then guess again. Kirby Planet Robobot may be an extremely short game but it does leave a smile on your face when you play and it does have unreal boss fights. 

Kirby Planet Robobot introduces 3 new copy abilities. These new copy abilities are known as Doctor,Poison and ESP. The doctor ability  is my favorite out of the 3 new copy abilities. There is also a brand new feature in the game that allows Kirby to equip himself with large robotic bodies. There is also a new multiplayer mode called “Team Kirby Clash” where up to 4 players can equip themselves with different character classes. This new mode is very similar to “Kirby Fighters” from Kirby Triple Deluxe. The game has a couple of bonus modes but there aren’t many levels in the bonus modes and I think the game could have benefited from more levels in the bonus modes. Overall Kirby Planet Robobot is a neat game and it does definitely have its flaws and if you’re looking for a new 3DS game to play then definitely pick this game up as you will not be disappointed.

The Good

  • Extremely Creative
  • Extremely Fun
  • Uses the 3D on the 3DS to the Fullest

The Bad

  • Extremely Short Game
  • Bonus Mode lacks levels 




 Kirby: Planet Robobot is an extremely fun game with lots of new features but lacks a good story. 



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