Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review (PS4,Xbox One, PC)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst definitely had bright ideas but unfortunately, it fails to use those bright ideas. The game has an admirable plot but ultimately I found the story to be extremely boring. The graphics in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are great, to be honest. The textures look clean and smooth and the cinematics looks amazing. I also adore Faith’s design. Mirror’s Edge is basically a reboot of the original Mirror’s Edge. If I was to be completely honest I would have preferred Mirror’s Edge 2 to a reboot but whatever. Mirror’s Edge has a variety of different characters these characters include Faith a skilled, athletic fighter with a troubled past, Gabriel Kruger the ruthless head of KrugerSec, Noah who has a child, Birdman a runner, Dogen, Icarus, and Nomad. 

Personally, I like every single character in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Each and every one of them brought something interesting to the table. The cinematic’s in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are amazing and  each and every cinematic in the game look glorious on my PS4 and the game also runs very smoothly. The music in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is also pretty good I like most of the tracks in the game. Most of them are great but some of them well fail to impress me. The music in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst really suits the theme of the game. 

I especially like the main theme in the game the reason why I like the main theme is because it tells me about Faith a little also you guys probably think my thought is weird but I don’t know. The game is definitely better than the original Mirror’s Edge but it’s still lacking something I don’t know what’s it’s lacking but it’s something. When I play games I always want to find out what happened next but with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst I don’t have that desire to care about the next scenario. Sometimes I just feel like turning the game off because of the godawful combat. Like how can a combat system in a game be so flipping bad? Mirror’s Edge Catalyst isn’t the longest game in the world . The game can last you 7-8hrs which in my opinion, is pretty short but that also means you have to deal with the awful combat and the mediocre story for 8hrs!! Look some of you guys might enjoy the combat system and the story but I for one I hate the combat system and the story. This game has so many problems and it would take a lifetime if I was to list out all the problems in this review

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is all about speed. Like literally everything is so fast in this game. The game is fun until you start to fight enemies. The combat in this game is very weird and awkward and it can be hard to aim and hit enemies. There aren’t any guns in this game and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Faith is a ruthless, rebellious character so if you gave her guns it would kinda take away the “ruthlessness” of her I think Fists are best suited for Faith so that’s why I like the idea of no guns in the game. It’s extremely frustrating trying to hit enemies in this game. There is no point making Faith use only her fists if you can’t create a combat system that works well with fists only. They tried to make this game different but they failed and in my opinion, Mirror’s Edge had a lot of potential but in the end the game ended up failing badly. This game along with Starfox Zero is the most disappointing game of this year so far. 

The Good

  • Interesting Characters

The Bad

  • Mediocre Story
  • Awful Combat
  • Very Short Campaign 

Verdict = 55% = Mirror’s Edge Catalyst had potential but failed. The combat in the game is awful and the story is very mediocre.


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