New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon Sun and Moon

It’s that time of the month again. Yep we got some brand new CoroCoro leaks and it’s probably the best leaks we have gotten this year considering CoroCoro has trolled us for the last couple of months so it’s good to get some actual leaks. 2 new Pokemon were revealed the first being Iwanko the rock dog and Nekkuala the Kuala. Nekkuala has a new ability and basically with this new ability it can’t be paralysed,poisoned,burned or frozen it can only be put to sleep and in my opinion, that’s a brilliant ability. It’s nice to see the Pokemon company actually be creative. We didn’t get much information on Iwanko but then again Iwanko but then again Iwanko was already seen in the first Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer. Also, Magearna will be distributed via QR codes making it the third generation 7 Legendary Pokemon. Check out the video below based on new CoroCoro leaks. 


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