Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review (PS4)

A Beautiful Piece of Art 

Odin Sphere has a wonderful art style and it runs at a stunning 60 frames per second. The game has a variety of different characters. You have Oswald the Shadow Knight and he is a very bloodthirsty, cruel man who has an incredible Shadow Form called Beserk, Gwendolyn the Valkyrie Princess, Velvet the Princess of the destroyed kingdom of Valentine, Cornelius the noble prince of the human kingdom of Titania and finally you have Mercedes a young fairy. 

This game is a beautiful side-scrolling hack and slash RPG and it has a beautiful art style. Each and every character have beautiful 2d designs and my favorite character so far is Oswald. The reason why I like Oswald is because he is a very fast character who has a form called the “Beserk Form” Basically he becomes a shadow and when Oswald becomes a shadow his attack stats get a tremendous boost and he becomes really fast. 

Gwendolyn is also a pretty good character she has both long range and short range attacks making her the best character for the average player. Gwendolyn is also fast but she isn’t as fast as Oswald. Gwendolyn has the ability to fly which means she is able to shoot fireballs at a very long distance. If you’re new to Odin Sphere then I recommend you try out Gwendolyn first. Next, we have Mercedes. Mercedes, in my opinion, is the worst character of the bunch. Yes, she has the ability to fly but flying doesn’t make you the best character. Mercedes has mostly long range attacks so it can be hard to kill a lot of enemies at the same time using Mercedes.  

Next, we have Velvet. Velvet is the best female character in the game in my opinion. She has both long range and short range attacks making her a perfect character. Her moves cause tremendous damage to your opponents. Velvet’s main weapon is her chains which mean she is able to grab enemies with her chains and slam them into the ground. Finally, we have the great Cornelius. Cornelius is almost as good as Oswald. He is mostly a short range fighter. Cornelius has incredible moves and he is able to sweep a lot of enemies at the same time. Cornelius also has an awesome design. 

A Wonderful Adventure

Odin Sphere has an amazing soundtrack. The music is really calm and peaceful and the music really blends in well with the whole story of the game. I could listen to the soundtrack of Odin Sphere for hours upon hours and never get bored. The soundtrack Odin Sphere is that good. Some of the best music I have ever heard in a video game in ages. If you love video game music then you will certainly love the music Odin Sphere has to offer. Amazing

The cutscenes in Odin Sphere are fantastic. The whole game is told like a story book.We get to see each and every character’s goal. The magnificent art style really makes the cutscenes shine. I enjoyed looking at every single cutscene in Odin Sphere. Sometimes I stop and stare at the characters and just admire the art style. 

Usually I get bored with hack and slash games but for some reason when I play Odin Sphere I never get bored. I don’t know why maybe it’s because of its stunning art style. Odin Sphere also has a brilliant story and it’s told in a fantastic way. We get to see each and every character develop throughout the fantastic story. Odin Sphere is definitely a piece of art and when I play the game I stop and smile and say to myself “how can a game look so stunning” 

A Game That Will Be Remembered

The game also has epic boss fights. The boss fights, in my opinion, are a treat because it can be thrilling fighting extremely powerful bosses. Each and every boss has unique, fantastic designs and if you’re ever stuck in a boss fight you can buy magic powers and use them against the bosses like the cyclone or you can buy a health potion. Overall I totally enjoyed Odin Sphere. I enjoyed everything about this game and if you’re looking for a new game to buy then definitely pick up Odin Sphere because you will not be disappointed with this game. One of the best games of this year so far. 

The Good

  • Outstanding Art style
  • Outstanding Characters
  • Beautiful Music 
  • Epic Boss Fights 

The Bad

  • None


Verdict – 93% – Odin Sphere is a beautiful game and it’s one of the best HD Remakes in a long time





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