Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Review (PS4,PS Vita)

A Colorful But Dull Adventure

So far I am liking Atelier Sophie. The game has a great main character and the art style in the game is amazing. The game also has a lot of characters. These characters include 

As you can see the game has a variety of different characters and that’s a good thing. The art style in Atelier Sophie is great and almost all characters have great designs some of the characters have rather lazy design’s in my opinion. The graphic’s in the game aren’t amazing either. The game doesn’t use the full power of the ps4 which is a shame. 

The soundtrack in Atelier Sophie is fantastic I, especially like the battle theme. The battle theme really suits the topic of this game. Overall I am a big fan of the soundtrack in this game it’s incredible. The story in Atelier Sophie is a little…well boring. The game is basically about a young girl named Sophie who has mysterious powers and one day she meets a book that moves and talks. After Sophie, meets’s the bizarre book she decides to help it out and restore the book’s memories and return it to its human form. Sounds interesting right?! No.  It’s not like the story is awful it’s just well not- exciting. As you progress throughout the story you unlock more of the book’s memory. 

In the game, Sophie has the ability to take on requests on behalf of the citizens. Now some people hate these types but I personally enjoy games that add extra gameplay. In my sentence before this, I said I enjoy these types of games while I do enjoy these types of games taking on requests and doing missions can be annoying and repetitive. Unlike your regular jrpg, this game lacks exploration and that’s a huge letdown because games like this are supposed to have a lot of areas to explore.  Atelier Sophie does have a day/night cycle and that’s a good thing. Different enemies spawn based on the time this way we can have a variety of enemies to defeat. Atelier Sophie also has an epic opening so for all you anime fans that love anime opening you will certainly enjoy the opening Atelier Sophie has to offer.

The control’s in Atelier Sophie are fantastic and the game is very easy to play and if you love long games then you will certainly love Atelier Sophie because this game can last hours upon hours….but will you last that long? that’s the problem. Atelier Sophie is a long game indeed but like they say quality over quantity. The more you play Atelier Sophie the more boring it becomes. The game certainly does have it’s strong points but it also has it’s weak points. The battle system in Atelier Sophie is just “good” it’s just your typical turn based jrpg and I’m not saying I don’t like turn based jrpg’s heck I like a lot of turn based jrpg’s like Pokemon and Persona it’s just Atelier Sophie adds nothing new to the table in terms of turn based jrpg’s. This type of battle system is the type of battle system you will see in a hyper dimension game. I am not saying the battle system sucks, in fact, I think it’s fine it just doesn’t add anything new. That being said the game does have epic boss fights.

Overall Atelier Sophie is a mediocre game if you’re looking for the next best turn based jrpg then I recommend you stay clear from this one. 

The Good

  • Fantastic Art Style
  • Can last you hours 
  • Outstanding Music

The Bad

  • Mediocre Story
  • Can get extremely repetitive

verdict – 60% -Atelier Sophie is a mediocre game at best. The game is very colorful and it will make you smile if your having a bad day but that alone doesn’t make this game a great game. 


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