Pokemon Sun And Moon – Will Lillie Be The Champion?

A couple of days ago we got a brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer and the trailer was magnificent. We see a lot of new characters like Kukui, Hau, and the main heroes. We also got to see another character and she was described as “meet the mysterious Lillie” That statement got me thinking. Is she going to be the champion of the game? Will she be part of an evil team? Will she bring you to the Kalos region?


Lillie’s design is great. She is wearing a very big fedora and she is wearing a dress. In the newPokemon sun and moon trailer Lillie looked very shy and timid, but in this fantastic artwork, she looks serious. Now, In my opinion, it would certainly be cool if she was your rival and the champion. It’s not impossible they did it in generation 1.

Lillie also gives me that Wally vibe for some reason. Wally got a lot of development in the Ruby and Sapphire remakes. In the remake, he was a shy, timid boy and in the end he ended up being really powerful with a mega Gallade. In my opinion, I think Lillie would be a shy, timid character at first, but she gradually starts getting stronger and she ends up as champion

Also, It is very likely we will be going back to Kalos in this game. Lillie has that Kalos look and I think she will bring you back to the Kalos region to complete the Kalos Story. 


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