The Worst Games Of 2016 So Far…


The Worst Games of 2016 So Far

These games are truly the worst games of this year. 

1. Table Top Racing (PS4)

This game has horrendous controls and terrible music. What more do I need?! The game has extremely short races that are tedious and annoying. The stages are horribly designed and it offers you very little content. The game is fun for a couple of minutes but that’s it. Definitely one of the worst games if not the worst game of this year. 

2. Hardware Rivals (PS4)

Oh look another car based game. Great. 2016 really is the best year for the racing genre. The music in this game is seriously bad. Like wow. The control’s in this game is sickening no it’s fantastically bad yes that is the perfect word to describe the controls. This game could have been a hit. It could have been the successor to rocket league but NOPE they just had to create a game with horrible music and controls. This game truly is bad and it takes the crown for the second worst game of this year so far. 

3. Starfox Zero (WII U )

This game shouldn’t be on this list. It really shouldn’t. I felt really guilty putting this game on the list because I love starfox but damn was this game terrible. Probably the worst wii u game to date. What was nintendo thinking when they were creating this game?! The game has horrendous graphics and a very short campaign that is filled with pointless tutorials. It also has horrendous motion controls. Don’t get this game even if you see it on a sale for $5. It’s not worth a dime. 

4. Dead Island Definitive Collection 

The funny thing is this game made the list even though it was only released a couple of days ago. Yup the game is that bad. Dead Island was only a “good” game when it first came out. It wasn’t an amazing game it was just a good game. This “definitive collection”  definitely hasn’t aged well at all. The game still has all it’s problems from the original game and it’s locked in 30fps. Like COME ON. The game has even decreased in quality. I thought a “remaster” was supposed to improve the quality of a game slightly. This game is more of a port then a remaster. 

5. Minecraft Story Mode

This game is your typical save the world game. The game has boring, irritating, cliche characters and it has an awful story. Nobody asked for a minecraft “story mode”.  The only thing this game has going for it is it’s nice graphics but that’s it.




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