Dead Island Definitive Edition Review (PS4,PC,Xbox One)


This was a very lazy remaster in my opinion. Remastered games generally look better than their original but when it comes to dead island it looks worse than your original game. You can’t just add lighting and haze effects and call it a remaster. The original looked very colorful and realistic but this “remastered” version just looks plain dull. Disappointing. 


The music in dead island was pretty decent. There was nothing wrong with the music it’s just I wasn’t amazing by any of the tracks. I wasn’t a big fan of the music in the original game either. Overall you’ll either like or hate the music in this game. 


Like I said this game is a very lazy remaster. If you know you can’t do a good remaster then don’t remaster it. Dead Island was good as it was. The game is locked at 30fps which is disgusting in my opinion. It’s not like this is a new game or anything it’s just a simple plain remaster. I don’t even think this game deserves the “remaster” or “definitive edition” in it’s title. This game is more of a port then a remaster. An example of a “good” definitive edition would be tomb raider. The tomb raider definitive edition looked stunning. Overall the game is a fun game and it can be enjoyable but the 30fps lock just really irritated me. 


The game includes dead island and the dead island riptide campaign. Dead island isn’t the longest game in the world so having an additional campaign along with the original campaign makes the game a bit longer and that’s a good thing. 


Dead Island takes place on the fictional (based on an actual island near Papua New Guinea) island of Banoi, a lush, tropical resort destination located off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The night after a high-profile party, the four main characters (hereafter referred to as “the survivors”); rapper Sam B., hotel receptionist and spy for the Chinese government Xian Mei, former football-star Logan Carter, and ex police officer Purna—are awakened by a voice over the emergency intercom system directing them to evacuate the hotel. They discover that the majority of the population have been overcome by a contagious and infectious plague, turning them into psychopathic, flesh-eating creatures. Briefly overcome by one of the infected, they are rescued by lifeguard John Sinamoi. The four survivors discover that they are apparently immune from infection, and with “The Voice” out of contact, the survivors are tasked by Sinamoi to try to find supplies and contact the outside world. As it becomes obvious that the resort lacks enough supplies to survive for long, Sinamoi instead has them travel to the city of Moresby to find help. The survivors take along Jin, the daughter of the bitten mechanic who modifies an armored car they use to break out of the resort.


The controls in Dead Island are great. One of the good things about this game. The game may lack personality but it does have great controls. The controls are easy to learn and you’ll be able to get used to it in no time. 


Even though this is a poorly made remaster the cinematic’s in this game does look beautiful. The game may have decreased in quality but it does still have great cinematic’s. Overall I recommend you don’t buy this game. If you have already played dead island then don’t get this. It will be a waste of money. If you haven’t played dead island then get it. The game itself is pretty good. It’s just this “definitive edition” is really poor.

The Good

  • Good Controls
  • Great Cinematic’s 

The Bad

  • More of a “Port” then a “Remaster”
  • Graphic’s haven’t aged well. Instead decreased in quality
  • Very Lazy “Remaster”
  • 30 FPS Lock 

Verdict – 56% – The Game hasn’t aged well at all. Overall a very disappointing remaster not recommended to anyone




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