Xbox One vs PS4: Which is The Better Console At The Moment?!

PS4 VS Xbox One

DISCLAIMER – I by no means plan on starting a console war. I am just stating my honest opinion I believe an opinion should be able to be shared on the internet without backlash. Anyways lets begin. With E3 Coming up I decided to make a ps4 vs xbox one opinion post. 


Both the ps4 and xbox one have fantastic controllers they are both extremely comfortable and are easy to use. If I was being completely honest the xbox 360 had a much better,nicer controller last generation. This generation there kind of even. Both controllers have their pros and cons. Like the ps4 controller has a touch pad which is great and a light bar but it dies extremely easily so in my opinion even though usb is better battery is better in the long run. The xbox one controller is very comfortable but in my opinion it’s not as comfortable as the ps4 because the xbox one controller can be a bit too big for the average hand. Really the both have their pros and cons. Winner = Both


The hardware is terribly bad in both of these under – powered consoles. If your looking for power then please exist out of this opinion piece and get a PC. This is why we have the rumours of new consoles coming out because both of these consoles are under-powered. That being said the ps4 obviously more powerful then the xbox one so I think the winner is pretty obvious. Winner = PS4


Both the xbox one and the ps4 have great exclusives. You know xbox has halo,gears and forza and the ps4 has uncharted,god of war and bloodbourne. Halo 5 for me was a massive let down and hopefully halo wars 2 will be much better even though I doubt it.  Uncharted 4 was a born masterpiece same with bloodbourne and those 2 games will be remembered in video game history. Xbox had quantum break but yeah….we all know how that game turned out to be. Overall I prefer the ps4 exclusives. The reason for this is because the ps4 has a variety of different games like gravity rush,bloodbourne,uncharted 4, tales of zesteria,persona 5,until dawn and so on. Overall they both have good exclusives and I am looking forward to cuphead,scalebound,recore,the last guardian,horizon zero dawn,persona 5,shenmue 3 and more. Winner = PS4

Which is the better Console?!

Both of these consoles are great and I can’t wait for e3 2016. For now the ps4 is a better console and if your looking for a new 8th gen console to get then I recommend you get yourself a PS4. 


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