One Piece Burning Blood Review (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

Disclaimer – I am reviewing the japan version of this game as the EU/US Version isn’t out yet.


One piece burning blood definitely looks pretty that’s for sure. The art style is also beautiful and I love the way the game has that manga art style. Unfortunately the game doesn’t look as nice as naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 and that’s a massive letdown.  The game definitely does look nicer then the pirate warriors series and while I think the graphics are pretty I still think they could have done a better job. Overall the graphics are nice and the art style is fantastic but I still think something is missing in terms of graphics.  


The music in One Piece burning blood is great but it does have it’s share of terrible tracks. Most of the tracks in this chaotic fighter are great but some of the tracks don’t sound very “One Piece” If you know what I am talking about. Some of the tracks sound more like gravity rush then any thing else. I don’t know if this is just me. Like for example the Galley – La Company Ship Yard theme sounds like a track you’d here from Gravity Rush. Overall The Music in One piece Burning Blood is great. Some of the tracks don’t sound like “One Piece” but the majority do which is a good thing. 


The cinematic’s in One Piece Burning Blood are outstanding. The game has some brilliant anime cut-scenes like seriously the anime cuts-scenes look beautiful. The game looks good but the cinematic’s make the game look even better. The story is short yeah but the cinematic’s are a beaut. Overall I personally loved the cinematic’s in this game. Fantastic. 


The Story in One Piece Burning Blood is decent and disappointing at the same time. The game has beautiful cinematic’s and good graphics and the story overall is well presented and it’s enjoyable. The thing is I was expecting the story to include more of one piece arc’s. Overall I was quite disappointed with the story content in this game as I feel it could have offered so much more. Don’t get me wrong the story was fine it just lacks content that’s all. 


The controls in One Piece Burning Blood are great. The game has a variety of different characters and each and every one of them are interesting to play as. Overall the controls are great but the main problem with this game is the gameplay so lets get straight right to that. 


Ugh..where do I start. The gameplay in this game is awful. The game may look pretty and it may have beautiful cinematic’s but damn is the gameplay so bad. The main thing fighting games focus on is gameplay and this game unfortunately fails at every aspect when it comes to gameplay. It’s the worst fighting game I have played yet [gameplay wise]. Every time you go into a combo it feels like the fps are dropping. When you go into a combo everything because choppy. Like seriously. I didn’t buy a fighting game for choppy animations and extreme fps droppings. Overall I am extremely disappointed. This game is basically a button mashing choppy animated fighter. I have been anticipating a one piece fighter for so long but the end result was disappointing. Also the game is very unbalanced. Just like the storm games. Playing online can be annoying because people just keep on doing the same combo’s over and over again… 


The game has an online mode which sucks and it will be filled with people on day 1 and after a couple of days it will be back to being empty. The only thing this game has going for it is pretty graphics and nice music. Really that’s all. The game can also be extremely repetitive and can get boring really fast. The story mode was fine but it could have been better if they actually put in the rest of arcs. Overall the game was disappointing. I don’t recommend you get this because you will disappointed. 

The Good

  • Fantastic Art Style
  • Great Music

The Bad

  • Choppy Gameplay
  • Not many Story Mode Arcs
  • Extremely Repetitive

Verdict = 68% Can Get Extremely Boring Fast,Fights Can Be Repetitive and Boring and Lacks Content. It’s Just Another Game That Fails To Live Up To It’s Hype.



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